Alaric Toombs
Alaric Roman
Alaric in his original form
Vital statistics
Alias Al
Gender Male
Race Conduit
Affiliation Himself
Health 200
Level Proficient
Power {{{power}}}
Status Deceased
Location San Diablo
Voiced By Steve Burton
Alaric Toombs is a conduit that appears during a side-mission in inFAMOUS: Apocalypse given to Alex Grace. He is shown to be a proficient shapeshifting conduit that Alex must track and kill during the side mission, Night Shifter.


Early LifeEdit

Not much is known is known about Alaric's past other than the fact that he, like several others, lost his family in a Ray Field Blast.



  • Shapeshifting- Alaric is able to manipulate his skin color, body frame, bone structure, and clothing to look like anyone he chooses to look like.
    • Voice Mimicry- To better sell him being the person he chooses to look like he is also able to manipulate his voice to sound like the person he is shaped as.


  • Alaric Toombs is voiced by Steve Burton who also voices Cloud Strife in the Final Fantasy franchise.