"The End is nigh, my friend."
— Alex to Jacob Weebs
Alex Grace
Alex Grace
Vital statistics
Alias Alexander
Gender Male
Race Conduit
Affiliation Himself

Jacob Weebs (Formerly)

Health 250
Level Professional
Power {{{power}}}
Status Alive
Location San Diablo
Voiced By Tim Phillips

Alex Grace is a Conduit that appears several times during the course of the single-player campaign of inFAMOUS: Anarchy and is the main character of inFAMOUS: Apocalypse. He is shown to be very proficient with his powers and is a very powerful ignikinetic conduit.



Unlike many characters involved with Jacob, Alex is different. Personality-wise he is described as sinister, dangeroous, generally unkind, uncaring, cold hearted, ruthless and unsympathetic. Some of his other personality traits include sadistic, unmerciful, remorseless, careless, cruel and down-right arrogant and impulsive.


  • Ignikinesis- Alex is able to manipulate fire in a different way then Nix is able to. His powers are more controlled then Nix's pyrokinetic abilites would. Abilities that tied into this include but are not limited to; Generate bolts of Flames that would cause enemies to be inflamed and reduced to ashes, or causes buildings to completely burn down with a word. This ability is upgraded in inFAMOUS: Apocalypse after Alex meets Azazel.


  • Alex is voiced by Tim Phillips who is also voices the new version of Dante in the reboot of the Devil May Cry series.
  • Alex was originally going to be a background character and was going to be killed early on but due to the fanbase that has been built on him, he, alongside Jamie will be the main characters in inFamous: Apocalypse.
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