Clones are created beings

Dunbar Watch-CreatedEdit

Otherwise known as PCB(Person Created Beings). Scanned and stored by the watch by someone like Cole, said person then can create a near-limitedless copies of the stored person, but the copies can only follow orders and have not much else of a mind or personality.

Ezio used 100+ PCB Assassins from his memories during his first few weeks of being in the 2000's

Cole and Ezio created 200 Rebels, 100 (New Marais) Police, 30 Reapers and 200 Assassin Templates for Fort Assassin


Cloned people in labs are the 4 Bertrand Clones, all killed by Cole with the first being the most deadly with his DNA infused with the Beast, the others without powers at all, instead lead armies of cloned Milita, were all killed by Cole, Zeke and their own armies of PCB's.

Bringing people from the pastEdit

Although not truly considered cloning, Cole(accidently) brought back, Ezio Auditore, Sofia Audtiore, Flavia Auditore, Altiar,Claduia, Mario and Giovani Auditore. While Ezio "revived" 12 Assassin's from the past whom took over "blank" PCB bodies and their faces,skin etc changed to what they looked like in their past lives.