Cole vs. Ezio audiotore is a addon for the games Infamous 2 and Assasssin's creed 2


Cole was walking and then a wormhole open the a light shined and the world looked inverted , Ezio was saw the at half of his home town was divided with some modern motropolis ,he opened his glider and flew toward the motropolis and he saw lightning and he flew toward the source of the lightning cole sees Ezio flying toward him he shoots Ezio down and he lands on the roof and rolls he gets angry says to time fight cole pull out the amp, and he starts swing ezio blocks with his wrist blade and cole keeps battling him then use Gravatonic blast and Ezio falls and puts his wrist blade in the wall so he would stop falling and he lands on his feet, he sees a lightning blast come toward him he hits it with his sword and his sword absorbs the energy and Ezio rushes towards cole jumping from balcony to balcony, He swings his sword at cole , he blocks with the amp he slashes back. Ezio Kicks cole off the roof he lands he summons lightning and he hovers and he starts flying and then Ezio sees him flying away he runs and opens his Glider he flies toward cole he, Cole then pulls out the amp and he lands on top of a train and Ezio glides downwards and lands on the train he starts slicing at cole he dogdes cole then grabs Ezio and throws him off the train but he holds on to the side of the train and he jumps on the train and kicks cole down and points the sword at cole, cole swings the amp at Ezio's leg and Ezio falls over cole gets off the train and charges up a super rocket and fires it at the train the explosion makes the train de rail and crash into a building and Ezio was laying there in a Kitchen, Cole Looks up at the apartment and uses ice launch to get into the apartment and he ses the hole the train left the train landed in the living room Ezio was lying there, he says"Ehh" gets up and slices at cole, He defends with the amp, he blocks every slice with the amp, Ezio Kicks the amp out of Coles hand cole Zaps the Sword out of Ezio's hand, he fires Lightning blasts at Ezio , Ezio Dogdes them and he kicks Ezio out of the out of the apartment and he gets hit by the other train and lands on the street and cole finds the amp and jumps out of the apartment and impales him with the amp and walks away.