Nicholas MacGrath
Vital statistics
Alias None
Gender Male
Race Conduit (Formerly)


Affiliation Dante
Health Unknown
Level Unknown
Power {{{power}}}
Status Alive
Location Limbo City
Voiced By Eric Ladin
 Cole MacGrath was a conduit who was involved in a terrorist attack in Empire City. He gained his powers from the resulting explosion and went on to destroy the organization that caused the attack and killed his girlfriend, Trish. Later on, Cole would lose his best friend Zeke to the Demon Belial when Dante accidently fell through a portal to his world.




After losing both his best friend and his girlfriend, Cole became an emotional trainwreck. He no longer cared how many civilians got hurt on his path to vengeance....or who they were. Cole's powers became more destructive as time went by and he began to destroy entire cities with his powers. If not for Dante, then Cole would fall into despair even moreso and would become a tyrant.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a Conduit, Cole had powers that enabled him to control electricity in just about every form, including grenades, bolts, and even able to make lightning rain down from the sky.

After being made a Cambion by Dante, Cole became more acrobatic in addition to adding hellfire to his attacks.


  • Cole is voiced by Eric Ladin once again.