"Conduits have been wiped from the face of the Earth, maybe the humans should've remembered the ones beneath their feet. Now a new militia rises, to claim what should've been our time to advance: we are the Conduits. Humanity's time is up, it's time for an evolutionary change."
Aaron Griffin[1]
Conduit Militia
The face of the Militia, The Reborn
Vital statistics
Alias Condies
Gender Varies
Race Conduits
Affiliation Independent
Power {{{power}}}
Status Active
Location Mobile
Voiced By Varies

Conduit Militia is a faction led by Aaron Griffin. A radical faction of Conduits broken out of Area 47, a secret facility created by the government to house Conduits as they saw them as threats to national security.


The concept of the cleanse came from alternate ending for inFamous 2, in which Cole MacGrath becomes the Beast in order to kill off the already dying human race, activate all latent Conduits, and bring forth an evolutionary change that would genetically advance humanity.

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