Conduit X
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Vital statistics
Alias X
Gender Male
Race Human
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Health Above Average
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Status Active
Location San Ventisca
Voiced By Unknown
Conduit X is the allias for a Conduit who was awakened from a stasis pod after a possible 50 or more years, he is also the protagonist of InFamous: Lost Souls



X is a 25 year old man dressed in a standard First Son trooper uniform without the gasmask and air tank strapped to his back. His clothing changes during certain points of the storyline due to his Karmic state and choices that he makes.

His Good Karma appearance turns his clothing cleaner and also removes the First Son logos on his jacket after a slow period of time. At full Good Karma, he begins to add other pieces of clothing such as a scarf and special gloves and boots to help protect him from the cold.

His Evil Karma appearance however, goes from his skin to go pale, his clothes to being dirty to him having blood stains on his pant legs and upper shirt. His clothing also is ripped in several areas when he's at full Evil. Unlike his Good Karma appearal, he removes the warmer adition of clothing and wears the First Son gas mask and other pieces of FS technology, which is rusted and beaten up in the final stage of his Karma Status.


Depending of his Karma State, X's personality defers from calm to sadistic, depending on the Karma.

When he is at Good Karma, he is much more calm and stable then he was when he first emerged from the Stasis Chamber, he is also less head strong and likes to think carefully before he goes into battle.

The Evil version of him though is much less patient, often raising his voice and making cold threats to people who annoy him.


X has the power to manipulate water and other liquids.  Like most powers, his abilities change due to his Karma.  For example; on Good Karma the water he uses will appear clean and have a glowing aura mixed in with it.  On Evil Karma however, the water will be filled with grime and dirt, and what is most likely blood. 

He also has the ability to merge with metal to use as a shield, a projectile and a melee weapon.  The metal power is not as versitile as his water manipulation but he does have great skill in using it.