Connor Knight
Connor Knight
Vital statistics
Alias Fear Itself
Gender Male
Race Conduit
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Health 245
Level Amateur
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Status Alive
Location Realm of Fear
Voiced By Jensen Ackles
Connor Knight is a conduit that appears during the single-player campaign of inFAMOUS: Anarchy and inFAMOUS: Apocalypse. He is shown to be very wary of using his abilities in front of other people due to the effects it causes to his mind. He is shown to be a powerful Phobikinetic conduit.


Early LifeEdit

Connor was born to a middle-class family on September 13, 1996 at exactly 7:15. His mother was killed while giving birth to Connor. That event has caused his father to hate him deeply. Connor had a very violent childhood living with his father, who beat him constantly. Eventually Connor fought back....and accidently beat his father to death. After this he took off to San Diablo to live a normal life before being caught in a blast that changed his life.


"That was day that I died...That was the day when I was reborn from the ashes..."
— Connor Knight

When Connor came to San Diablo, he became a drug addict and an angry drunk, just like his father.


Connor is very paranoid and socially awkward due to rising during the height of his teenage years. Still he is shown to be kind-hearted towards those in need. Connor has been able to open up to a couple people during his lifetime, but only a select few that includes Jacob Weebs and Alex Grace.



  • Connor is set to be portrayed by Jensen Ackles who is known for his work as Dean Winchester of the Supernatural TV series, Jason Teague of the fourth season of Smallville, and Tom Hanniger of the My Bloody Valentine Remake.
  • Connor was born on Friday the Thirteenth.