Dante Walker is a conduit that appears in The Conduits, Second Wave. His conduit genes were excessive and caused a partial transformation, he considers himself a monster and wants nothing but revenge, despite his crazed and heartless personality, he teams up with Jikan in order to find the people that bombed New Empire, Manatt district, and find out why they did.


Before the bombing, he was bald with green eyes, he wore a long sleeve, white t-shirt, with a blue, button-up shirt over it with dress pants. After, his skin turned a sickly grey color, his veins were more noticable, and his eyes were yellow, he wore only the t-shirt, although ripped up and the same pants.


He is crazed and heartless. He'll kill anybody with no mercy if they tick him off. He has (as you should already be able to tell) a very short temper. He usually acts way before he thinks. He is overly cocky, too impatient, and far too easily angered.


NOTE: They were kind of based off Alex Mercer's.

His arm was turned into a giant one piece crab claw/spear thing, however he learned how to hide it and release it again as he pleased. The claw is a light grey with blood splattered all over the end at all times. He can suround it in a fire-looking energy that fires at bystanders and anyone who comes near. When the claw is hidden he can fire that same very dark red energy at anybody.