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Crossing OverEdit

I hate demons. Dante. "Who's there?" Rebellion materialized on my back and I reached up to grab it. Dante. I unsheathed Rebellion. "Show your fucking face you fucking coward!" Dante. "What the fuck do you want?" Your head on a stake! "Let's go then." Then the bastard dragged me into Limbo. "You have got to be kidding me." Then the demon that dragged me there showed his ugly-ass. "Damn! You are one ugly motherfucker!" I ran at him but he swatted me away like a fly. "Is that the best you've got, Son of Sparda?" he taunted. "Well you know who I am. How about you introduce yourself? If I can figure which side of you is your face and not your ass." Then the demon chuckled. "I am Belial. The new King of Hell." I whistled. "Sounds like one hell of a job but I don't scare easy. Got anything else before chop off your head and shove it up your ugly ass?" I replied before charging. He tried swatting me away again but I dodged out of the way. "Is that the best the King of Hell has to offer? So disappointing. I had hoped for more of a challenge." Then Belial roared. "Damn! Your breath smells like ass!" I charged at him and he grabbed me in his giant hand. I pulled out my guns and began shooting his face. He grabbed his face in pain and I pulled my sword out again and began stabbing his hand. "Fuck you, Son of Sparda! You will not live to see the end of this day!" Then he opened up another portal. "What the fuck?" Then the world went dark. We both fell through the portal. He shrieked out in pain as lightning seemed to shoot down on him. "What the fuck?" Then Belial ran off. I looked around at my surroundings.

Far From HomeEdit

"I'm sure as hell not in Limbo anymore. But where the fuck am I?" Then he dropped down in front of me. He was wearing a very dirty red shirt with tears in it and he some kind of weapon on his back. "Who the hell are you?" The stranger asked. "I should ask you the same fucking thing. And what the hell are you anyway? Because I know you're no demon. And where the fuck am I?" I looked at him closer. His veins were noticable and there was lightning running down his arm. "Well I know you're not from around here. What do you mean demons? I'm a Conduit, not a fucking demon. And my name is Cole. Cole MacGrath." I thought for a moment. "Never heard of you. But I'm Dante. What the fuck is a conduit?" Cole seemed agitated. "Well this is New Marais and my town so either get the fuck out of here or you die." I laughed. "I would love to see that. I've been looking for a challenge all week. So I say, bring it on motherfucker!" He charged and I brought out Ebony and Ivory and began shooting. "Guns don't work on me you stupid fucker!" He kept coming so I activated my Devil Trigger. "What the fuck?" I heard Cole say. "Didn't see that coming, did you motherfucker?" Cole charged his arms up and I heard thunder above me. "You have got to be fucking kidding me. Then it came down on me. "FUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK!" Then the world went black for a moment. I woke up and saw Cole looking at the sky which turned a dark red color. "What the hell did you do?" He asked me. "Not a fucking thing, godammit! It must've been Belial!" Cole seemed to ponder this for a moment before walking over to me. "Ok. Here's the deal, you help me save MY world from this Belial and I don't rain lightning down on your sorry ass again. Or I could kill you and then deal with whatever happens. If I were you, you stupid fuck, I would take door number one."

The DealEdit

"Like you could kill me. You had me by suprise. I will admit that hurt like a son-of-a-bitch, but I've been through worse. Much worse. But you know what?" Cole looked at me for a minute. "What am I supposed to know?" I smiled. "I'm gonna save your fucking world. But let's get one thing straight. If you double-cross me or do something stupid, I will end you." He looked at me and smiled before he held out his hand cautiously. "Ok. It's a deal then." Then I shook his hand. Then the bastard fried my fucking hand. "Ha! I got your ass good!" I held my hand and looked down at it. "Fuck. You know what? Fuck you. Save your fucking world by yourself." Then I started walking away. "I'm only like this because of my dead girlfriend." I stopped walking and turned around. "You really are fucked up aren't you. You poor bastard." Then I kept walking. "Stop!" I turned around and saw him surrounded by cops all with their guns pointed at him. "Oh fuck." I can't catch a fucking break. I shrugged my shoulders and started running towards the cops with Ebony and Ivory drawn. "Step away from the conduit! I am warning you." Then I was in the middle of their circle. I jumped up in air and began spinning and firing. I stopped and landed before they fell. I helped Cole to his feet. "What the hell did you do that for? They were innocent!" I looked at him. "Do you want my help or not?" He nodded. "Well then you are gonna have to deall with my methods. Besides, they were demons. But you can't see that because you're not me." He tilted his head to the side and looked at me funny. "Don't look at me like that. Nobody looks at me like that and lives." He stopped looking me and started walking. "Where the hell are you going?" He turned around. "Back to Zeke's place."

The PlanEdit

I followed Cole back to his friend's roof but when we got there, Zeke was gone and his roof was in shambles. I saw  crimson electricity run along Cole's arms. "This is your fault! You and that bastard Belial!" I held up my hands. "Cole. Calm down. We still need to find a way to kill Belial." Cole had tears running down his face and I really didn't want to be struck by lightning again. "Is there anyway to send you and Belial back to your own universe?" I shrugged. "I don't know. Belial is the one that brought me here, so he is probably the only one who can send me back." Cole looked around for minute before seeming to make a decision in his head. "We need to find Nix and Kuo." I looked at him for a minute. "More conduits?" He stared at me for a minute. "Yeah. Is there a problem?" I put my hands down. "Yeah. I can't trust them." He stared at me blank-eyed. "And you can trust me?" I shook my head. "No...but...ah fuck it. Let's just go." He held up his hands. "Well they hate each other so we are going to have split up to search for them." I stared at him. "You don't even...Nevermind. I'll look for Nix. She sounds more fun." Cole put his hands on his hips and shook his head. "Oh she is." Then he laughed. "She's about this tall-" He held his hand up to his shoulder. "has dreadlocks and lives in the swamps." Then he pointed toward the swamps. He turned around and headed in the opposite direction. "Awesome..." I turned around and looked at the swamp before I started walking. I wasn't walking long before several guys in what looked to be hunting gear appeared running from a tower of napalm. "That's fucking cool." Then it exploded and the the hunting guys burst into flames. "I'm fucked." Then I saw her. "Nix." Agile. Destructive. Powerful. Merciless. Hell, she was the perfect woman. Her dreads flopped around as she chased the hunting guys. "Nix!" Then she turned and teleported towards me. Then she was on top of me with napalm on her hand. "Who da' hell are you?"

New Friends?Edit

"My name is Dante. Cole MacGrath sent me to get you." She seemed almost hurt by this before she recovered. "Well den we betta get a move on. Cole ain't gonna wait forever. Is dat Kuo bitch coming?" I nodded. "And he went to get her?" I nodded again. "I'll kill her if she lays dem dirty paws o' hers on him." I like Nix already. "We better get moving Nix." Nix nodded and we began making our way back to Zeke's Roof. About half an hour later we were back at Zeke's Roof and Cole was sitting by Kuo and Nix was pacing back and forth. "So let me get dis straight demon....Dante is from universe where demons exist and dis Belial brought him here from Limbo...But we can't see these demons, but he can? So what is he?" I stood up. "A Nephilim. Half-Angel. Half-Demon." Cole stared at me for a minute. "So you aren't even remotely human?" I nodded. "Then why are you helping us?" I chuckled. "Well, I would like to get back home. Kat is probably searching for me in Limbo. Or she thinks I'm dead." Nix looked at me. "So is Kat one of these...what did you call them?" Kuo asked. "Nephilim and no, she isn't. She's a medium. She can see into Limbo but she can't actually enter it." Cole stood up. "So? How do we send you back?" Nix looked hurt at this. "Why does he haf ta go? Why don't he stay here? In dis universe?" I gave her a sympathetic look before she looked away. "Because he has no place here! Because of him, Z is dead!" Cole was furious again. Kuo stood up in front of Cole and wrapped her arms around him. "It's ok Cole." Nix started walking towards Kuo with a menacing look on her face. I walked over and stood in her path. "Why don't we go for a walk?" I whispered. "Ok Dante. Les go. No sense in torturing myself watchin dem." I put a hand on her shoulder and she smiled. "Let's go blow the fuck out of something. It's been getting too fucking depressing around here." I suggested. "I like da way you think Dante." I slapped her ass and we jumped off the roof with Cole and Kuo crying in the background. "Thank fucking God we are away from that."

I Hate When That HappensEdit

"Fuck yeah!" I yelled as I watched Nix pick up a trolley car with her powers. "You like that baby? Well then you're gonna love this!" Then she threw it at a nearby building. "That was fucking awesome!" I reached over grabbed her towards me and kissed her violently. I felt a moan come from her mouth before I let go. "Why didn't you do dat when we met da first time?" She was panting heavily. I looked down at her. "Oh come on! I haven't even fucked you yet and you're already begging for more." She smiled at me and chuckled before she stood up and punched my arm. "Yeah. You wish you could have me. But you won't." I stepped towards her and leaned down towards her face and looked directly into her eyes. "That's what you think, babe." Then I slapped her ass again. "Your ass is fucking awesome." I whispered into her ear. "Thanks." Then she grabbed my crotch. "Hey! Watch the merchandise!" Then she lpulled me closer and let go of crotch before rubbing my hair. Suddenly a bright light appeared above me. "Dante!" I heard her yell. "What the Hell?" Then I saw a group of white clad men and women. "Wrong answer, Dante." Then I blacked out. When I woke up I was in some sort of field. "Where the hell am I?" I heard a chuckle behind me. "You always think that everything is Hell. Well this is nowhere near Hell. Welcome to Heaven." I looked at him as he removed his helmet. "Assiel?'re dead! And you are a Nephilim!" He held up a hand. "Yes I am Assiel. No I'm not dead. And no I'm not a Nephilim. Not anymore." I looked at him. "Then what the fuck are you?" He smiled. "I am an Angel of the Lord. And I would stop cursing in Heaven if I were you." I took a step toward him. "Why am I here? And how are you an Angel?" His grin disappeared. "You must stop Belial from releasing Sparda." I gasped. "My father? Why the fuck would I do that?

Call to ArmsEdit

"Because he is no longer the man that once was your father. He has become what we fear the most." Assiel said. "And what do Angels fear?" I replied. "An Archdemon. He can kill us easily if he escapes." Assiel looked at me before he walked over and placed his hands on my head. "What the fuck are you do-" Then I saw him. Sparda. "As soon as I am freed I will tear you to shreds for doing this to me. Ha! What a glorious day for torture! Have at it lads! I'll be free in no time!" Then the vision ended and Assiel backed away. "I am truly sorry Dante. You should not have went through your childhood as you did. We should have protected Eva from Mundus better." I looked away. "Send me back to Limbo City." I heard his wings flap towards me. "We cannot. Not yet. Belial must be stopped and he is stronger than us. You need to stop him." I turned around furious. "Send me back godammit!" His expression remained calm. "No. And if you keep asking I will wipe it from your memory and make it to where all you will care about is stopping Belial!" I looked at him. I was admittedly a little shocked. "You wouldn't dare. Because if you do....then I will break free and kill you all myself!" He began reaching towards me. "Oh hell no!" Then I grabbed Rebellion. The angels flinched away from the blade. "That's right! You are gonna send me back or I will start killing your ugly asses!" Assiel stood in front of me. "Put the unholy weapon away. It won't hurt me." I cocked an eyebrow before I sheathed Rebellion. "If I stop Belial then you send me back to Limbo City. Do we have a deal?" Assiel nodded. "We will. We can't until Belial is dead. He is blocking us from sending you back." I looked toward him. "And what of Cole and the others? What will happen to them?" Assiel sighed. "Either the humans die or the conduits do. It rests on Cole's shoulders. You will not tell Cole or the others about their destinies. If you do, then the deal is off and you lose your memory."

Bad CompanyEdit

The Angels returned my soul to my body and I closed my eyes when I saw Nix had tears rolling down her cheeks. "Wake up! Dante wake up man! Get your ass up!" She screamed. "Make me." I mumbled. "What?" Then she leaned closer. "I said make me!" Then I pulled her on top of me. "You bastard! How could you do dat ta me? I thought you was better than dat!" Then I kissed her. "Come on, babe. Don't be like that. I thought that you were all about the whole 'no emotions, just fuck' thing. Besides, you can't be too mad. After all I'm wearing your pants." Then she punched me. "Ouch." I said in a sarcastic voice. "Ya ain't in ma pants yet baby." Then she took off my jacket and ran her fingers around my chest. I planted my hands firmly on her ass. "Ooh baby. I like dat." Then I squeezed her ass. "I love dat." Then she undid her top and took it off. I smiled. Then she fell over and I saw a group of demons begin walking towards us. "Oh come on! Why me? Oh....let's get this over with!" Then I ran at them before I jumped in the air and landed in the center of their group. Then I pulled out Ivory and Ebony. "Fuck you!" I spun around and continously fired until they all fell and dispersed. "Bastards. I was about to get laid." Then I ran over to Nix and put her top back one and began carrying her back to the roof. Nix let out a groan of pain and I looked down at her. She was sweating and shivering. "What the fuck?" She groaned in pain. "Momma!" Nix cried out. "What is happening?" Then I started running. "Don't worry Nix. I'm gonna help you. Everything is going to be okay." I looked down at Nix again and she had stopped sweating but there was blood coming her eyes and ears. "No!" I activated my Devil Trigger on accident in my anger. Her body began shaking violently. "Damn it Nix! We are almost there!" I jumped up to the roof and my Devil Trigger deactivated. Cole ran over. "What the hell happened?" I looked up at him. "Demons."

The Devil's OwnEdit

"What do you mean demons? I thought that Belial was the only one here!" Cole was furious. "Calm down! I know someone who may be able to help." Kuo interjected. Cole and I looked at her and then at each other. "Who?" We said simoultaneously. "An old friend." Cole walked over to Kuo. "We are not calling him!" Kuo moved away from Cole and towards Nix. "Do you want her to die?" Kuo looked between us. "No." We said simoultaneously. "Then we need to call him." Cole sighed. "No. We'll find another way to save her." Kuo looked at Cole. "She doesn't have much time left Cole! We need him." Cole  moved Kuo away from Nix and electricity sprang from his arms and into Nix. "What the fuck are you doing?" Cole looked at me. "Helping her." I grabbed his arm and felt a surge go through me. Then I saw a vision of Assiel. "You can help her Dante. Only you." I released Cole and he backed away. "What the hell was that?" He asked. I looked down at my arms. "I can save her. My blood will heal her. But it will also change her. Amplify her personality." I said. I looked at Cole and he nodded. "Do it." Suddenly Nix began coughing up blood. I grabbed Rebellion and slashed my left hand before holding over her mouth. My blood dripped into her mouth. "What the hell are you doing?" Kuo asked. "Giving her the heritage of Sparda. My blood will make her half-demon." Nix's eyes flickered open and she looked at me. I watched as her eyes turned yellow. Like mine used to be. "It's ok Nix. I won't hurt you." She continued drinking from my hand and her eyes turned a demonic orange. "There. She is better now. She's a hybrid like me now. But she's also completely different." I pulled my hand away and watched as it healed. Then Nix passed out and we cleaned her bloody face. "She'll be fine in a couple hours. Just be prepared for the changes that will come when she wakes." I lifted her up and placed her on Zeke's couch. Nix was still shivering so I took my jacket off and layed it on top of her shivering body. "That ought to warm her up." I turned to Cole and Kuo. "Hey Cole. You and I need to take a walk." Then I looked back at Nix and then over at Kuo. "Protect her until we get back. If you betray us, you will be sorry.

Hard To SeeEdit

Cole led the way under the church. "So what was so important that you had to drag me away from Nix and Kuo?" I looked in his eyes and I still saw the hatred that was there when I met him. "I know we don't get along Cole. But we are gonna have to suck it up and help Nix through her transition. Otherwise, her powers will destroy her from the inside out." Cole nodded and I turned around and began walking towards the exit before Cole grabbed me. "I'm never going to forgive you for what happened to Zeke! But you are right about one thing....we need to help Nix to adjust." Cole held out his hand. "Oh no you don't! If we are doing this, we are doing this MY way. We make a truce that will be bound in blood." Cole withdrew his hand. "How?" I cut my arm with rebellion and then handed it to him. "Now make a mark like that one." Cole did as instructed. "Now then, hold out your arm." Cole held out his arm cautiously. I grasped it firmly and began chanting the spell that would bind us. "Adjuro ergo te, omnis immundissime spiritus, omne phantasma, omnis incursio satanae, in nnomine Jesu Christi Nazareni, qui post lavacrum Joannis in desrtum ductus est, et te in tuis sedibus vicit: ut, quem ille de limo terrae ad honorem gloriae suae formavit, tu desinas impurgnare: et in homine miserabili non humanam fragilitatem, sed imaginem ominpotentis Dei contremiscas." Then blood mixed and began burning a golden color. Cole and I were both yelling as the mark was burned into our flesh. "Fuck!" I yelled. Cole said something but I couldn't hear him over the pain in my arm. Suddenly memories that were not my own and feelings that did not belong to me flowed through my head. Then I passed out. What Cole was going through was torture. I know because I lived it. "I love you Cole!" "Trish!" "You bastard!" "You and Kessler are one and the same!" "Everyone has their breaking point, Cole. Even dear, sweet Sasha." "DIE!" "Kessler told me about you! I'm not gonna let it happen!" "The Demon of Empire City is here! In New Marais!"

Blood BrotherEdit

I awoke with an extreme hangover-like feeling racing through me and I noticed Cole was still out cold. I looked at my arm. "Looks like it worked. Good. We need to get out of here." i picked up Cole's unconscious body and began making my way to the door. "Damn it, Cole. Your ass is heavy. Lay off the twinkies, would ya?" Cole groaned in response and I could the marks on our arms becoming brighter. "Hang in there!" I shook my head to try and remove the feeling of pain. "You really do have one fucked up life don't you Cole?" I started moving faster with Cole on my back when he screamed in pain. "I know it hurts Cole. It will be over soon. We are almost back to Zeke's place." Then I saw another vision. "My sister is dead because of you!" I coughed. "That must be Trish." I saw an over-weight man about Cole's age. "You can't hand that Ray Sphere over to the Feds, man." I looked at the marks again which were glowing a dark crimson color. "That was Zeke, huh? Seems like an alright guy to me. Sorry about your luck buddy." I wonder why Assiel didn't try to stop me from making Nix a Cambion. Guess he's not as much of a dick as I thought he was. Or she was supposed to become one? "Weird." As soon as we were back at the roof I layed Cole down and looked at Nix who shot up. "Dante? Oh thank God! Where are we? What happened man?" I sat down beside her. "You were attacked by Demons and they gave you a virus. One that would've killed you if I hadn't done what I did. I made you like me." I looked down at my mark. It was now black and had a glowing aura around it. Nix took off my jacket and handed it back to me. I slid it on and she looked into my eyes. We began kissing and taking off our clothes before we layed down. "Oh yeah baby!" Nix cried out.


I woke up naked next to Nix. I looked over at her and noticed that she was already looking at me. Our eyes met and then she kissed me. "That was fucking awesome." Nix nodded. "We should definitely get goin' hun. We need to figure out how I complete the transition to become a Cambion." I nodded but neither of us moved. "Why can't we just stay here for one fucking day before we have to figure this out?" Nix kissed me. "We really should get going. Didn't da Angels tell you I would die if I didn't complete my transition?" I looked up at her. "How did you know that? I never told you about that...." Nix propped one of her eyebrows up. "Alright....Let's go." I got out of the bed and looked for my clothes. "Over here baby." I looked at Nix who was holding my clothes. I chuckled before I ran for my clothes. She teleported and I looked round for her. "Very funny. Now give me my clothes back." Nix teleported in front of me. She was completely dressed. "Ok you guys. Let's get going!" I heard Cole yell. Fuck! Then the door opened. I saw a light above us. "Oh come on!" I opened my eyes and I was dressed. "Thank fucking God!" Then I noticed where I was. "What now?" I turned around and saw Assiel before me. "I need to know why you have turned her Dante. Or else you you will never know how to complete the transition." I sighed. "It was the right thing to do." Assiel chuckled. "And you are suddenly about doing the right thing?" I nodded. "Now tell me how to complete the transition into a cambion!" Assiel shook his head. "Not until you tell me truthfully why you turned her." I sighed again. "I love her. Alright!" Assiel nodded. "You have twenty-four hours left to complete Nix's transition." I nodded. "How does she complete it?" Assiel showed me a vision of a wolf-like being. "What is that?" Assiel looked at me. "A werewolf. She must kill it without being bitten. Werewolf bites are fatal to Conduits." I shook my head. "How was it created?" Assiel lowered his head. "It is my child with a mortal woman."

(Don't Fear) The ReaperEdit

"What?" I asked. "He is an abomination. Heaven cursed him for being a blasphemy against our Father and then made me an Angel as my punishment so as to make me despise him." I nodded before the light faded and I saw Cole staring at me and I noticed I was naked again. "Oh come on!" Nix stood defensively in front of me when Cole's arms began charging with crimson electricity. "You bastard!" I held my hands up and began reaching for Rebellion. "Cole! Stop! I know how Nix completes the transition!" Cole seemed to consider this for a minute before he was angry again. "I don't give a damn you demonic piece of shit!" Nix jumped in front him. "Don't mess with him demon! I will not hesisitate to protect him!" I pushed Nix behind me. "She has to kill a werewolf. If you kill me, the sire bond will kill her. And then the binding mark on your arm will kill you." Cole looked at the mark on his arm before he calmed down. "She completes the transition and then we deal with Belial. Then you go back to your own world and leave us behind." I nodded. Nix seemed hurt by that action. "It is for the best Nix. Besides....Cole is gonna take good care of you." She looked at Cole and he smiled at her. "No!" she shouted. "I don't want you to leave me!" I grabbed a hold of her and hugged into my chest while she sobbed. "Come on, Nix. It won't be so bad. I'm sure you will forget me." She pulled away and punched me in the ribs. "You are da same as dem. The Militia. Conduit-haters." I held up my hands. "No! I'm not! Now get away so I can put some damned clothes on." Nix started sobbing again and instead of grabbing me, she grabbed Cole. "Let's go Cole. I need to take my anger out on somethin. Let's go find us some Militia." Then she and Cole were gone in a cloud of ash. I put my clothes on and put my hood up and began walking towards the stairs only to be stopped by Kuo. "Dante! Where are you going?"


"To find a way to revert Nix back to her former self. She only wants me because she is sired to me. I won't leave this world with that on my conscience." Kuo put her hand on my shoulder. "It's ok Dante. She'll be better in time. After all, we still have to kill Belial." Then she turned my head towards her and put her lips against mine. I returned the kiss for a couple minutes before pulling away. "No. Not like this." She moved closer to me and attempted to kiss me again. I smacked her across the face. "I said no!" She touched her hand to her face and began crying. I turned around and began walking to the door but her crying had made me so very angry. I turned around saw her standing there. There was still tears streaming down her face. "Kill me. Kill me now." I shook my head. "No. I won't take your life." She was smiling. "That's too bad. I was hoping we could fuck before you die." I looked at her. She had a creepy smile on her face. "What?" Then she knocked me out. I couldn't tell how long I was out when I woke up. Minutes? Hours? All I knew was that something was seriously wrong. Then I saw Kuo looking at me. "Good to see you are awake, Son of Sparda. By now you should've realized that poor Kuo isn't in control here. Hello again, Dante." Then it donned on me. "Belial!" He smiled at me. "Good to see you still recognize me. Even if I am wearing this bitch." Then I saw he had Rebellion in his hands. "Damn it." If only I could reach my guns. "Why do you want to free my father from his bindings in Hell? What did he promise you?" Belial began pacing back and forth. "I want to free him, because he is my Father. My Creator. The reason we are in this universe is because I need the Prime Conduit's blood for the spell. Cole's blood. As soon as I have that, I will be on my way to another universe. More specifically, I need the blood of a God." I pretended to fall asleep and then shook my head. "Are we done yet? I have somewhere I need to be." Then there was gunfire and a hole was blown into a wall behind me. I heard gunfire and looked around before stopping on a chubby man. "Zeke!"

War is the AnswerEdit

"Who the hell are you?" Here we go again. I looked over at Kuo unconscious body. "I'm Dante and there is a demon inside of her." I motioned towards Kuo. "No shit. She's been possessed for awhile now." I looked at him, shocked. "You know about the demons?" Zeke looked at me. "Of course I do! Now if you will excuse me, I have a demon to exorcise back to Hell." Suddenly Kuo's body shot up. Her eyes were completely black. "Hello again Zeke. So good to see you again. The years have not been kind to you." Zeke looked at me and smirked before turning back to Belial. "What are you talking about? I'm still in my prime." Then I noticed that Zeke had gray hair instead of black and his skin had wrinkles. "What the fuck?" Zeke laughed before he began shooting at Belial. "Watch it Zeke! You might accidently kill Kuo!" Then I was pulled into Heaven. "Stop him! Kuo cannot be allowed to die! She is too important!" I looked up at Assiel. "Why is she so important?" Asiel furiously flapped his wings. "She is the child of a human and an angel." I looked at him dumbfounded before I was sent back down to Earth where I saw Kuo lying on the ground and Zeke holding Rebellion above her head. "No!" Before I knew what I was doing I had Ebony and Ivory out and Zeke was laying in a puddle of his own blood. "Why the hell-" Belial started to ask. "Leave her and allow me to return her to Cole and the others. Or I will kill you right now." Then Kuo was unconscious and I saw Belial leave her body. "As you wish. Son of Sparda." I looked at Belial before he disappeared. Then I looked at Kuo and saw that she was greatly injured. "Fuck!" Then I looked at Zeke. He is dead. "I have to clean this up and then find the others. I'm sorry it had to end this way Zeke. Truly I am." Then he burst into flames. "Sonofabitch!" I backed up and saw an angel before me. "And which Angel are you?" He lifted his helmet. "Metatron." I looked at him and smirked. "You're a fucking Transformer? Really?"