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A common Dumbar Watch

A Dunbar Watch. Is a device created by a Zeke Dunbar of an alternate future with Kessler, whom sent one each to Cole, Lucy, Nix and Zeke Dunbar of the past to help them defeat a clone of Bertrand and his army of clones. In later years, Lucas MacGrath and Trish MacGrath also recieve a Dunbar Watch. In their first meeting, Cole gave Ezio a Dunbar Watch.


  1. Able to enhance powers.Kessler sent phone calls back in time, revived his former friends without leaving his own time.
  2. Scan, and store items, people and other things for later use.(e.g. Cole scanned, Police, Rebels, and Reapers from the cities, and he could create perfect replicas for later use, known as "Templates". These 'clones' are only able to do whatever their creators tell them to, they cannot replace the real people).
  3. Re-create items by thought(e.g Cole could create 2 AMPS at once after his original was destoryed during a fight)
  4. Absorb items(e.g Lucy could absorb a whole boat inside the watch).
  5. It is unable to come off without a proper voice command and password
  6. Concelment manipulation(e.g. Cole could shrink, enlarge and even have the watch be absorbed into his skin on mere thought).
  7. Turn powers on and off at will.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Yes it is an image of a Ben 10 Omitrix thing