"A man without moral, is no man at all."
— Eloc

Eloc is 'Soulless' version of Cole MacGrath created when the 'Good' Cole MacGrath activated the R.F.I. in New
Eloc Thargcam
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Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Race Shadowmancer
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Health Unknown
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Status Comatose
Location Unknown
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Marais at the same time that John White transferred his power into 'Evil' Cole MacGrath. The being that was created was unlike either Cole. No morality. He thought more logically than 'Evil' Cole and less emotionally than 'Good' Cole.

Early LifeEdit

Eloc was Ray Field Energy of 'Evil' Cole's world being mutated into a physical form by 'Good' Cole's world. Eloc woke up in a world all his own. His electrical powers were seemingly 'destroyed' by 'Good' Cole but was gifted with Netherkinesis by the Netherrealm he was trapped in.