Eric Sven is the Original Conduit,

Eric Sven
Eric Sven
The First
Vital statistics
Alias The Alpha Conduit
Gender Male
Race Conduits
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Health 1000000
Level Legendary
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Status Deceased
Location San Diablo
Voiced By Daniel Taylor
the first of the species, and the most powerful. He knew Kessler when he came back in time and helped him gain control of his growing abilities. He is 200,000 years old, showing great skill in his abilities because of this fact. He is set to appear in inFAMOUS: Anarchy.



Due to his advanced age, Eric has almost completely detached himself from the rest of the world. He even compares Jacob Weebs to a bacterium. Although he cares little for the world at this point, he does eventually agree to aid Jacob to defeat The Beast if he chooses the correct path.


  • Electrokinesis- One of his first abilities, Eric is able to generate massive amounts of electricity from virtually nothing. He is shown to be extremely adept at commanding this power.
  • Terrakinesis- Eric is able to manipulate and control geologic materials such as dirt and rocks.
  • Aquakinesis- Eric is highly skilled at using his powers over water and can even generate a golem around himself composed completely of water. Note: Eric only uses this power when he is cornered and trapped with no way out because it injures him as well.
  • Chlorokinesis- Eric is able to manipulate and control plants and is able to make constructs out of branches which he uses to cross over large rivers.


  • Eric is voiced by Daniel Taylor who is known to have portrayed The White Knight of The White Knight Chronicles.