Ezio Auditore da Firenze is a Florentine nobleman during the Renaissance and, unbeknownst to most historians and philosophers, a Mentor and leader of the Italian Assassins. He was an ancestor to both Desmond Miles and Clay Kaczmarek.

After DeathEdit

Travels with Cole in 2016 and re-booting the AssassinsEdit

After death, Ezio found himself alive and well, in his 30's wearing his Black Assassin gear, he found himself in a fight against several Police of Empire Cities Finest, killing several before being shot several times. He would then meet Cole MacGrath, to which Ezio would pass out, when he awoke, he made fast friends with Cole, his wife Lucy, Zeke and Cole's children. Shortly after, Ezio would be given a Dunbar Watch, to which he gladly accepted, Ezio would then shed his Assassin armour to his plain whites. After searching online for Ezio's descendents, Ezio and his new friends would find Desmond Miles and his girlfriend Lucy Stillman, After a breif talk, the friends and family would settle down for the night. The following morning,Ezio, Cole and his family found Desmond and Lucy(Stillman) kissing. After a few weeks, Ezio and friends toured Europe, stopping in Villa Auditore, Ezio and friends spent a week and a half ressurecting the city to it's former glory before it's fall. During this time Ezio would use the Dunbar Watch to de-age himself to around 20 to be closer age to Sofia. After the revival of his father and uncle Mario, they would spend two months running the city.

A New Enemy and AftermathEdit

After his travels with Cole ended, he would move back to Florence with Sofia and Flavia to which he and Sofia had another child named Catherina. Years later he would reunite with Cole to witness he and his family kill John White(the cause of the Worlds recent problems). After this, Ezio would again move back to Florence and Cole and his family moved back to Maysef only to discover all his past loves brough back to life, to Ezio's dismay.