An unknown Conduit who was only referred to as the Ice Soldier Ally was a former member of the Vermaak 88 unit whom later defected and made an alliance with Cole MacGrath.


Contacting Cole in Flood Town, the Ice Rogue led Cole to a stash of Blast Shards. Eventually mutating into a Ice heavy stage. he continued to work with Cole in saving the police from Corrupted. Subsequently, he mutated to his Titan stage, no longer resembling his former self. He had lost almost all control and simply wanted to use his new powers.

Hence he rampaged with Cole through warehouses in Gas Works killing any enemies he finds, all the while marveling at his new power claiming that he was as strong as Cole. Despite not wanting to hurt innocent people, he eventually lost all control and was no longer the man that worked with Cole in the beginning, hence he attacked any person in sight, while declaring his power and how he feels like a true Conduit. However, when confronted with Cole he desperatly informed him that if not killed, he will kill everyone instead.

After his demise by Cole's hands, Lucy Kuo said that despite his insanity, she still believed that he wanted to be stopped before anyone innocent was hurt. Sometime later he managed to rebuild himself into the Crusher stage and was grief stricken about what he caused so he tried to find Cole and the next Blast Core.


  • During the third mission, he can hurt Cole as much as his enemies.
  • Like with the majority of side-mission characters, Cole does not respond nor talk back to the Ally.