inFamous:Hunted is a fanon currently in development by Demon. It focuses on Cole and Kuo being several Conduit Bounty Hunters.

Chapter 1Edit

Night was falling. My health was declining. So was Kuo's. There was something ominous in the air. I could almost smell death."Hurry the hell up Kuo," I exclaimed. She was stumbling behind me.The hunters were catching up quickly. In the blink of an eye one teleported in front of me. He was wearing a strange futuristic mask with eyes bright as a star..It appeared to be some sort of  breathing apparatus. I quickly took out  Amp and was about to slice off his head when he bashed me in the head with the force of a natural disaster. These were not mediocre hunters. I quickly retaliated by kicking him in the torso. He showed no signs of pain whatsoever. "What the Hell!?"I said in astonishment. They communicated in some sort of alien language.