InFAMOUS:Insurrection is a crossover story, with InFAMOUS and Metal Gear Solid. IT takes place in 2016, four years after InFAMOUS 2, and Cole MacGrath and Lucy Kuo only have one child, Trish.

Snake as he appears in the story.

"The year is 2016, Empire City is under lockdown by the PMC's, and the only hope for the city, Cole MacGrath, cannot use his powers!""
— Opening monolouge

Chapter 1:A new faceEdit

Cole, Lucy and Trish took a trip around the city, and took a swing in the Warren District. They passed by a resturant, which oddly still allowed smoking. A man dressed in a dark brown overcoat, brown hair, and looked to be in his mid-thirties whistled at the bartender and grumbled "Get me a beer, would ya?" The bartender nodded, handing him a Rollin' Rock. As Cole and the family walked over, Lucy asked "Excuse me, sir, do I know you?" The man looked up and said "Well, you probably know me, but I know you Mister MacGrath." The man took a cigarette out of a canister and lit it. Cole asked "Whats your name?" The man blew some smoke away "The name's Snake, Solid Snake." Trish asked "What kinda name is Snake?" Snake chuckled "It was my father's name." Lucy asked "Wait a second, I read a report that stated you were suffering from accelerated aging, you don't look a day over 35." Snake puffed smoke in cole's direction "You're a smart woman Lucy, yes, I was suffering from accelerated aging, but a few weeks ago, I was approached by Coloneal Sandersm who offered me a 'cure' for my aging, so I accepted, they injected me with some kinda experimental syrum, and a week later, my body started to heal up, about 5 days ago, I looked like this." After a few more minutes of talking an explosion went off, the air was filled with smoke and felt thick as honey, soon Cole felt as he was being shaken with a paint mixer. Cole opened his eyes to see snow falling and Snake standing over him. Snake said "Come on kid, I know I bored you by putting together my gun, but come on we gotta get moving."

Chapter 2:Hell on EarthEdit

Cole, picking an Operator from his MG IV and continued walked through the snowy Empire City, through the tunnels to the hidden base. Cole and Snake were greeted by Lucy and Meryl. Lucy asked "How was the run last night?" Snake lit a cigarette "Boring as hell, Cole over there fell asleep about an hour ago."