InFAMOUS The Dark Days is a story taking place after InFAMOUS 2, in which it is a cross over with popular YouTube series The Dark Days
DD Jake

Jake at the time of the Outbreak. and


As Cole, dressed in his normal jacket, armed with his revolver and shotgun, he checked his watch walked out of his room with Lucy still asleep in the bed, he looked out at the fortress, seeing his created Rebels and New Marais police, and civillians as all miserable since the Outbreak 3 months earlier, Cole, turned around, loaded up his extra ammo and walked torward the main hall to see Laroche and Zeke already talking to Jake and Gasman about something. As Cole walked past, Jake said "Hey Cole." Cole replied "Hey Jake." Laroche said "Right here"-Laroche pointed to a map of the United States -"Right here in this city Jericho, is probably the very last human stronghold, in the United States, I got a government friend said the President and everyone else is hiding out at some island." Cole nodded and thought back to how just as the Outbreak started, The World Government went into hiding and days afterword a new military force from the old Vermaak 88 and First Sons in the form of The Combine, and how they quickly took control over a major part of the United States. Cole thought back to how quickly the Combine soldiers turned on Cole and Zeke after the zombies were defeated in Empire City. Cole was snapped out of his flashback by Jake. Jake said "Cole, you alright, we thought we lost you there for a second." Cole replied "Nah, just thinking back to the day the Combine betrayed us." Zeke said "Cole man, you gotta forget about that, they . . ." Cole shouted "They murdered 100,000 people because they didnt obey the Combine!" Before another thing could be said, Nix teleported onto the table with a couple of her Swamp Monsters. Cole said "Hey Nix, what do you got?" Nix said "Bad news baby, the only town within the next few hundred miles is nothing but Combine man." Cole nodded.

Just then Barney a man rescused from City 17 ran up and shouted "Cole, we found a warehouse!" Cole asked "Really, what's in there?" Barney replied "Old AR2's and ammo!"