"Anarchy Reigns"
— Tagline

Infamous: Anarchy, often stylized as inFAMOUS: Anarchy or inFamous: Anarchy, is a third-person shooter, action-adventure game developed by Naughty Dog Studios and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, released on 2014, July 29 (North America), July 30 (Europe), August 1 (Australia) and August 7 (Japan), sold exclusively to the Playstation 3.


Gameplay in inFAMOUS: Anarchy is a combination of three-dimensional platforming and third-person shooter gameplay elements. Platforming elements allow The Player to jump, swim, grab and move along ledges, climb and swing across downed powerlines, ropes and other kinds of wires and perform other acrobatic actions that allow players to traverse the various areas of destroyed city that the player explores.

The Game also features reward points simiar to the Uncharted Games, which can be rewarded for finding Dead Drops and Blast Shards similar to the first game which will allow the player to further progress their powers and abilities.



Soon after finishing the Uncharted and Last of Us series, Sucker Punch allowed Naughty Dog to make a spin-off of the inFAMOUS Game Series. With this new project in mind, Naughty Dog assembled their most technically-talented crew and began production on a game under the working title of Dark Earth. Soon after however, they hired Nate Fox to write the plot and the name was changed from Dark Earth to Bestiary before finally changing the name to inFAMOUS: Anarchy. With the name change occured, Sucker Punch decided to allow Naughty Dog to make it more along the lines of the first two games, allowing it to be part of the main storyline.


  • This is the first inFAMOUS Game to be produced by a company other than Sucker Punch Productions.
  • Orginally this game was going to be a first person shooter developed by Insomniac Games, the creators of the popular Resistance Series.
  • This game shares the same name with a non-canon game on facebook which allows players to build their own city and conduit.