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InFAMOUS: Most Wanted is a fanfiction by Zeon1. It follows Nathan Winters, a conduit who lives in the city of Enclave.


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Complete DialougeEdit

At first I was only,

a minor fan,

and then I played the first game,

for five minutes.

I loved it.

Electricity is epic.

But you can't swim...

oh, well.

-the Author

Present DayEdit


[Opens with an overhead shot of Empire City. A large group of people are just miling around, talking, laughing, flirting. It's an ordinary day. A man with short black hair and green eyes is walking down the street, talking on his cellphone.]

Man: Yeah, I know. Yes, I'll be up there in a minute. No, I'm not bringing anything. You can't possi-

[At that moment, a enourmous explosion rips through Empire City, decimating the Square. Most are killed instantly, but the man, who is a bit away from other people, is only hit by the pulse of the blast. Something blue flickers in his eyes, before he is sent flying, crashing headlong into a bench. Darkness fills the screen.]

Man's Voice: That was how it all began. I was baptized in fire, reborn with a new outlook. But when I woke up, things had changed, and not for the better.

[Shows a street in Empire City. A group of Reapers bare down on a police officer, an old veteren. One of them pushes his way through, a Conduit. He fires off a large wave of energy, striking the officer and sending him down.]

Man's Voice: My name is Nathan Winters. I was caught in the explosion. The streets are chaotic. Step in a gutter and expect blood to pool on your shoes. Try to leave and expect blood to be the last thing you see. But that means you're one of the lucky ones.

[Shows a large group of people, staring at the screen with haunted and dead eyes.]

Voice: I've mostly been hiding out through all this misery. But the government's dropping some food off. Maybe it's a way out. Maybe they're going to help. [Camera cuts to the man from before, this time wearing a torn up bikers jacket, a crew cut, fingerless gloves, and torn up jeans.] Or I need to stop dreaming.


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The ShatteringEdit


Most WantedEdit

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  • The events in Most Wanted parrallel the events of inFamous 1, following Cole's return to Empire City (after his failed escape attempt, you know what I mean.)