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Chapter 1: Birth of the Beast

John transferred his powers into me and then, he just let go. The Blast was devastating, but worth it. New Conduits had been activated, all of them healed of the plague.

Chapter 2: Alden Tate

I looked outside of my tent and saw that my army was waiting for me. I saw that Kuo had been taken prisoner by the rebels. I asked why they had Kuo held prisoner. They told me to give the power of the beast over to their leader or they would kill Kuo so I did. I helped Kuo up just as their leader who they referred to as the General was about to say something. He told them he had the beast’s power and that if anyone challenged his authority that


they would be immediately executed. Kuo told me that I could get more powers but that the process was risky. I had kept all of Nix’s powers along with all the powers I got from the blast cores. She showed me a machine that could allow me to have all of my enemies’ powers. She said that the NSA had created this machine to study a conduit’s past and abilities. She called it the Codex. She strapped me in and I chose Alden Tate first. I was born to the leader of the first sons. I had it all. Money. Power. Respect. I lost my father when I was thirteen and the first sons allowed me to train my abilities. With enough practice I was able to pick and throw things with my mind. They were proud of me. They knew I had talent and potential. I had learned to create a powerful ball of telekinetic energy and throw it at a person increasing the gravity around them. I had honored my father’s memory. I will lead them into the future. I am fifteen now and my abilities are growing stronger. Then one day a mysterious man appeared and challenged me for control of the First Sons. I shouldn’t have accepted that challenge but I was young and naive so I did. I fought him with everything I had but it wasn’t enough. I was cast out and then began focusing on making my abilities stronger. After a week I had learned to levitate myself into the air. I had begun reading people’s minds and I could see the conduit gene. I practiced my abilities until I could control others minds and make them do what I wanted them to. Every night I thought about my fight with Kessler and I wouldn’t sleep because I would train until I collapsed. I wanted power so badly. When I was forty I met a young mentalist named Sasha. She was a very gifted mentalist. I knew one day that we would meet again. Another ten years passed and my abilities were much stronger when I ransacked the First Sons base in San Diablo. I found out that Kessler had erased all of my father’s research. It took me twenty years to find him but I finally managed track Kessler down to Empire City but when I got into the Warren and saw all the Conduits it had to offer a huge blast occurred. I was knocked out and I could feel the power surging through me enhancing my powers greatly. I was
Alden's Rise to power

Alden at his prime

comatose for about a week but thanks to a homeless woman named Jessica I was revived. I asked them to join me and rally up and kill Kessler. My army of homeless rose up and captured control of the Warren. I met Sasha again when I was walking around and she tried to seduce me into giving her control of my army but I saw through her deception and had a group of Dust Men escort her out of the Warren. I sent a group of Dust Men suppress the police so that I have complete control over the warren. I also had them turn the power off on the whole island so that none may challenge my authority. I practiced my powers for a few weeks. Kuo unhooked me so I could rest my body. Before resting however I went outside and saw what the new beast had done. San Diablo was like Empire City after the blast full of homeless people only then I realized that I was hallucinating about Empire City but not from my own point of view it was from Alden’s point of view and it showed Alden chasing some First Sons but they shot him in the leg and he yelled “Jessica” before the vision passed. “What the hell” I asked myself. I asked Kuo about it but she simply said “It’s simply a by-product of gaining Alden’s powers. We can stop if you want. Now go get some rest.” I did and when I woke up Kuo was sitting over me. I told her “Good morning Kuo”. She replied “Good Morning Cole”. I asked “Is there was any particular reason for you standing over me like that.” “No let’s get started” she replied. She hooked me in. After a few weeks I heard from my dust men “Sir Sasha has been defeated by someone named Cole Macgrath.” I had my men kidnap a civilian and hold him prisoner because I knew Kessler would come and rescue him.

Chapter 3: Kessler

Kuo got me off the machine stating that I now had all of Alden’s powers and that we needed to get out of the city. I asked her “Why do we need to leave and where are we going.” “I’m taking you to Greece.” she replied. “Why Greece?” I asked. “Because that is where it is safest for the Codex.” she said. I didn’t say a word and just went with her enjoying Alden’s power of levitation on the way there. When we got there she strapped me in again and told me “don’t worry about the hallucinations.” That’s easy for her to say. She says it’s normal for them to happen to subjects. I chose Kessler next. I woke up and said “Good Morning Trish, Good Morning Danielle and Jasmine.” I went to work as normal. I’m nothing special just a bike courier. One day however I discovered I had electrical superpowers while I was at work. I accidently fried one of my Co-workers when I shook his hand so I took my family and left the city after telling Trish about it. We fled the city and went to New Marais with Zeke.
Kessler's Children

Danielle and Jasmine

Zeke told me on the way there “Damn brother first the truck incident and now you got electricity coming out of your hands.” “Yeah to be honest man it scares the shit out of me. What’s happening to me Zeke?” I replied. Trish came out on the deck and asked “Cole are you alright. You seem normal now so maybe it was just some freak accident.” “God I hope so.” I replied. “Where are the kids Trish.” I asked. She replied “Asleep.” “Good” I replied. Just then Danielle came running out yelling “Daddy, Daddy there is something in Empire City killing people” “What we were just there” I replied. She told me to follow her. What I saw was horrible death and destruction on an unimaginable scale. I told her “Go get your sister out of bed honey and stay with Mommy and Uncle Zeke until I get back.” Trish asked me “What are you going to do Cole.” “I’m going back and I’m going to stop that thing from killing any more people.” She said “Don’t go Cole you will be killed and without you I am nothing.” I replied “Trish I’m the only one who can stop it.” She started crying and told me “If you leave this boat you leave this family too.” I told her “I love you Trish but I can’t allow this to continue I have to stop this now.” She told me “Come back to me Cole promise me” I said to her “I always do.” I headed for the destroyed Empire City knowing I would probably meet up with that Monster there. It took me a few days to find him but I did. I saw it and for a moment I thought that it was the devil himself. I had practiced my powers the past few days frying stuff on the way there. I shot a few bolts at him and all it did was piss it off. I fired a couple rockets at it and what happened next was horrible. The pain of defeat was excruciating. I knew now that I could never defeat this Beast. I fled back to Trish and the kids. When I got there Zeke asked “Well what happened brother.” I told him “I got my ass kicked that’s what happened.” Trish came in and kissed me because she thought I was dead. She asked me “How did you escape” I responded “It allowed me to flee before it blew up the city. I couldn’t stop it and we need to get as far as we can before it kills all of

Kessler's family is dead

you.” Zeke asked me “Well where the hell are we supposed to go.” I told them “I don’t know yet but I do know we need to get as far away from here as possible. I’ve improved some of my abilities so we can get away faster so long as you all hold onto me when we travel.” Zeke said to me “Brother you need to take your family and go I’ll hold my own against him and give you some time.” “How are you going to do that Zeke I could barely hold my own against him.” I replied. He went below deck and got a metal stick out of one of his drawers and gave it to me. He told me “Use this only as a last resort in case it catches up with you.” I asked “How does it work”. He replied “Run an electrical current through it.” I nodded and had Trish go get the kids. We left immediately left the boat and headed for San Diablo so that we could live normal for at least awhile. We continued to watch the news to see if it made its way to New Marais yet. And one night when we were watching the news I saw Zeke’s boat launch a Nuke at the Beast from the news chopper. His boat was destroyed in the resulting blast. Trish and the children began to cry at the loss of their Uncle Zeke. I told them “Everything is going to be fine.” Then I looked back at the screen and saw after the smoke cleared away the Beast just took the Nuke in like it was nothing and
Kessler going back

kessler goes back

then threw a fireball at the news chopper. I turned the TV off and told them “It’s time to go.” I grabbed them and we fled to Panama City. Danielle asked me “Why don’t you just kill the Beast” I replied “I can’t I’m too weak.” Trish took away my disappointed daughters and got us an apartment. I looked up a secret organization called the First Sons. The website said that they were a group of powerful psychics and mentalists. They created a device called the Ray Sphere and their current leader was named Alden Tate. I stormed one their facilities and stole the plans for the Ray Sphere. I went home and Trish asked me “Where were you” “Getting something” I replied. She told me “Cole I know you have it”. “Have what?” I asked. “The designs for the Ray Sphere.” she replied. “How did you know I had them?” I asked. “Well that doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you don’t use It.” she replied. “It’s just in case all else
Kessler in peace

Kessler at peace

fails.”I told her. She demanded “Destroy it or I will”. I threw the Ray Sphere off the boat but I had kept the designs so I could make another. She kissed me and walked away. I knew I would have to use it, we couldn’t run forever eventually he will catch us. He did and now my family is dead. I went back in time using the device Zeke gave me. When I came back however the device had attached itself to me and gave me unlimited energy. I put my past self through hell and allowed him to kill me so I could be with Trish and my little girls Danielle and Jasmine.

Chapter 3: Sasha

Kuo unhooked me from the machine and allowed me to rest my body stating “How’s it feel to be fully synchronized with Kessler.” I replied “I feel like shit.” “Good that means its working” she replied. I walked away and had another vision but it was from my past I saw Trish dying at the hands of Kessler and then I saw my would-be family being killed by the Beast. I then had a psychic talk with Kessler. He told me “This isn’t what I went back in time for. So that you could take the beast’s powers and do what he would’ve done? I am ashamed of you Cole. Think of Trish what she would’ve wanted you to do.” I replied “I did what I thought was right and I don’t care about what you have to say.” He vanished and I went to bed. The next morning I got up and Kuo hooked me in and asked me “Are you ready Cole” I replied “Yeah” Then before I chose she asked me “Cole you didn’t have to give up the Beast’s powers to save me so why did you?” I told “Well Kuo you’re the only person on the planet who I can trust and you’ve been my ally longer than anyone who’s still alive.” There was more to it than that but I didn’t tell her. I chose Sasha next. I was born in Maine and when I was young I made my cat bite my dog’s jugular vein, killing it. My parents killed my cat because I turned it on them next. “How are you doing this Sasha and why?” I killed my mother with her own knife but my father was immune to the effects of my powers. He drove me to an insane asylum in Empire City secretly owned by the First Sons. Over the next few years they helped me with my powers. I developed a relationship with Kessler when I was in my thirties and we had several “excursions” away from the First Sons and went back to Maine for a weekend. We came back and Kessler had a bike courier detonate the Ray Sphere in which my powers escalated. I lost my hair and covered the lower half of my body with black tar and began making Reapers. We attacked everything in sight. My brother Needles also escaped and tried to have me help him. Kuo took me off the machine “You have her powers. That was disturbing.” she told me. “Yeah it was I always knew she was sick but not that sick.” I replied. “Well let’s go see what powers you have.” she told me.

Chapter 5: Original Ray Sphere

I created three reapers out of conduit civilians and commanded them to use their powers against Kuo for training. She was able to take down two of them but the other one jumped on her back and started to choke her so I used precision on him and killed him. She told me “Thank you but please never do that again.” After that she asked me “Seriously Cole why did you save me from the rebels.” I replied “I saved you because it reminded me of when Kessler killed Trish. I will not allow another person that I love to die.” She told me to get some rest. I did and the next morning Kuo took me into a room that had what looked to be a golden Ray Sphere at its center. Kuo told me “This is the original ray sphere from Kessler’s timeline. It is approximately a hundred times stronger than the one that you activated in Empire City twice.” “How is it that powerful?” I replied. She told me “The First Sons in Kessler’s timeline had created it from five blast cores.” I activated it and I felt its powers surging through me and then it cracked open and I absorbed the vortex’s energy. My

KB Sphere

original ray sphere

powers soared to new heights. I sent out a huge Ray Sph
Corrupted 2

Bertrands new behemoth form

ere Blast activating all of the world’s Conduits to their full potential but also reviving humanity.

I challenged the general for control over the conduits. I beat him easily and took the beast’s powers back. Unfortunately many Conduits wanted to rule the world. I made contact with a doctor named Dr. Louis White. The next month I was scouring the world for Evil Conduits, I saw the Behemoth tearing up San Diablo. I tried to fight it but then I was overwhelmed by Reapers. It changed back into his humanoid form and told me that he was a clone of Bertrand made with a piece of the Beast’s DNA. He told me “Give me your power.” I replied “Go fuck yourself” I released a blast that knocked Bertrand back and killed all the reapers. I got Kuo and we fled from the area to where Kuo had put the Codex.

Chapter 6: Bertrand

I asked her “Why didn’t you free yourself, I know you could’ve.” She replied “Cole I couldn’t whenever you use the codex you drain some of the life out of me.” “You didn’t tell me that Kuo or I never would’ve used it.” I told her. “No you needed to use it to get more power and I should’ve died a long time ago.” “What do you mean?” I asked. “When Bertrand crashed into our truck I should’ve died but I didn’t. I’m ready to die now.” “Kuo I’m going to save you.” I replied. She told me “Go get some sleep Cole you’re going to need it for tomorrow.” I nodded and went to bed. I will make Bertrand pay for this. I will kill him. I woke up and saw that Kuo was sitting in the chair in the corner of my room staring at me. For a second I thought she was dead and then she walked over to me and told me “Good Morning Cole.” And then she kissed me and we went over to the codex. She hooked me in and I chose Bertrand. I was born in New Marais on the date May 20, 1895. When I was young I helped slaves get to
Chimera render

A chimeran

freedom. All of a sudden 20 years later the war started and I joined the

Bertrand in his Solid Snake outfit

military to fight. They gave me the codename of Solid Snake. What I saw out there on the battlefield was horrible blood and guts and people dying everywhere. I lost a lot of good friends out there including one good man named Nathan Hale. What we were fighting were not other men. Instead they weren’t human they were Chimera and Cloven. Hale was my best friend and now he was gone. I was alone and suddenly I touched one of the dead Chimera’s face and gained inhuman abilities. With them I slaughtered through the ranks of the Chimera. When they were gone I lost all of the abilities I had gained. After that I aged extremely slowly and soon I found that there were humans with the Chimera gene. I found that there was an organization that tried to develop it into humans with extraordinary abilities called conduits. I went there and they found that I was one of them so I joined the organization and befriended a man named Dr. Sebastian Wolfe. After awhile I met their leader Kessler and he allowed me to gain control of the First Sons in New Marais. While at the helm I secretly made an army of humans to fight back in case the demons ever struck again. After a couple weeks Wolfe had created a second Ray Sphere for me to use. I had my militia gather up outcast and homeless, anyone whose death would go unnoticed. I activated it causing a massive explosion that killed them all except for one little African American child. I figured that she would be no threat to me so I let her be. I set out to test my powers and
Nathan Hale render

Nathan Hale

found that I turned into a giant mindless behemoth that I couldn’t control. I stormed into Wolfe’s lab and shouted at him “Why would God do this to me. YOU, you did this to me.” He replied “We simply have no way to determine how a conduits power will manifest” “You’re going to fix this.” I replied. “The process is irreversible.” “If you can’t fix this then I have no use for you.” I stormed out of his office and Kessler came to the facility when I was at lunch and he told me something I couldn’t believe. He told me “A conduit of incredible strength will rise up in Empire City and consume the world.” Kuo unhooked me from the codex so she could rest. I went outside and made several swamp monsters to defend the base and went to sleep. When I woke up several of the swamp monsters were fighting against a hydrokinetic assassin sent by Bertrand’s clone. After I arc-restrained him he told me he was working for Bertrand and that his name was Xiang. I then gave him two choices. He either joins me or I kill him. He decided that he would rather die than be my ally so I put my hand on his neck and sent 20,000 volts through him.

Chapter 7: Heller

After disposing of Xiang’s body I felt the presence of another Conduit. Then he came down out of the tree and tried to attack me before he saw my face. He stood up and I recognized him immediately. “Lucas is that you?” I asked. He replied “Yeah Cole it’s me.” “Damn man I haven’t seen you in forever” I replied. “Yeah well I’ve
Lucas Alareiks Ass


been busy with the Hunters. I had to escape one of their facilities. Then once I’m out some old guy gives me a briefcase full of money and tells me to kill you. Of course I didn’t realize it was you he wanted me to kill. Here’s the picture he gave me and it does look like you.” He said with a frown on his face. “So how are the powers doing?”I asked. “They are getting better. Where’s Kuo at I need to speak with her.” He asked. “She’s not good man I think she’s sick.” I replied. Lucas went over to the wall and started to cry. Kuo was Lucas’ sister. I went over and told him about New Marais and how she became a conduit. He asked if she was awake right now and I replied “Yeah I think so man, her room is the second door on the left.” He walked in and they hugged. He asked if she was alright and she replied, “No I’m very sick right now Lucas and I know what Cole has been telling you and yes most of it is true.” She walked over and kissed me again. Lucas then walked over to me and asked if he could stay here awhile. I replied “Sure man.” I knew he was only trying to protect his little sister so I let him stay awhile. After all he is the closest thing I have to a best-friend anymore. Zeke’s face flashed into Cole’s mind when he thought of this. “Zeke I’m so sorry about what happened in New Marais.” “Forget it man you chose the wrong choice and people got killed. So go ahead and continue John’s plan. You will get yours soon
Dylan Alareiks1


enough. And Cole, Amy isn’t dead I looked everywhere for her.” A spectral image of Zeke replied and then disappeared. I looked around the room baffled at what just happened wondering if what just happened was real. “All my friends are dead Trish, Nix, and Zeke. I will never forgive myself for their deaths.” I realized that I needed some sleep so I walked over to Kuo and Lucas and sat down beside Kuo. I asked Lucas “Hey Lucas what is happening out there.” He replied “It’s getting bad out there man there is a war going on between humanity and conduits. About a month ago
PRo1 Super Soldier

A hunter

Humanity began making hunters, Human who wear suits that give them superhuman abilities. Guess who leads them.” “Bertrand.” I replied “Exactly” he said. I don’t know what he is getting out of this but I will find him and I will kill him again. I asked Lucas “Is there any word on Dylan’s status.” My younger brother Dylan had been comatose for a month I wish that I could be there by his side while he went through this. I figured he had powers probably similar to mine. “No, he hasn’t moved” Lucas told us. Kuo intervened by saying “I’m sure he will wake up soon.” Just then I got a call from Doctor White. He was watching over Dylan. “Cole he’s awake.” He told me. “Kuo he woke up.” Lucas just stared at me and then said he would meet us there. Kuo and I flew to the hospital where he was. When we got there I stared at him in disbelief then asked, “How does it feel to walk among the living again.”

Chapter 8: Adrian and Jason

He told us about all the training he did inside his mind. He told us about the mysterious man inside his head. He said to me “He said his name was John and that he was going to help me prepare for what’s coming. I then asked what kind of powers he had. “Electrokinesis just like you.” He replied. Just Lucas ran in through the door at sixty mph. “What did I miss?” he asked with anticipation. “Nothing man.” I replied. We all just laughed about it for about an hour. Then I started training Dylan for battle. I taught him all I could so that he would be strong enough in case anybody ever came after him. After that he took off for Boston. Lucas stayed with us for awhile to make sure Kuo was going to be alright. Before he left he told me that if anything ever went wrong and Kuo got k


illed he


wanted me to erase any memories of her he may have. I replied “Don’t worry man I won’t let anything happen to her.” He gave me an uneasy smile and took off at full speed. Just I was attacked by two more assassins. One of them possessed Geokinesis and the other possessed Aerokinesis. I fought them for awhile before subduing them. I asked them “Who are you?” One of them replied “My name is Adrian and that is my brother Jason.” Jason was bald and had Geokinesis. Adrian had blonde hair and Aerokinesis. I asked them if they would join me and Kuo. They replied in unison “Yes.” “Good you two are smarter than the last one Bertrand sent.” I replied. Kuo walked in and asked “What is going on here?” “We just got some new recruits.” I replied. She asked me “Do you think it’s safe to have those two here considering they just tried to kill you.” “Kuo relax I got this.”I replied. Of course I didn’t have very much faith in them but we did several raids on Bertrand’s labs and bases. On the last one we found another Power Transfer Device so I decided that we should swap powers. Luckily this one was different from the last one seeing as how it was a three-way machine. Adrian hooked himself into one of the sides and Jason hooked himself into another. When I went up to hook myself in Kuo came in and saw it. She asked if I wanted to go through this again. I replied “Don’t have much of a choice.” She nodded and backed away. It activated and suddenly everything went dark. When I woke up I saw that Jason and Adrian had left. Kuo helped me to my feet and asked “How do you feel.” I replied “Same as when I used it on Nix.” I then released an Ionic Cyclone. “Oh yeah that’s going to work just fine.” I then tested out my Ground Shatter. “Oh hell yeah I’m going to enjoy this.”

Chapter 9: Murder Yourself?

Just then my mind shattered and I fell back into my mind. Kessler told me “Cole I’m sorry but I need to take over your body.” “How do you plan on doing that?” I replied. “By killing you.” He said. “Alright then.” I replied. I then
Kessler original


Reaper cole

reaper cole

fought once more with my future self. I killed him and absorbed his essence. His memories once again flashed through my mind. Before they ended he told me “If you thought I was bad wait till you meet the next one.” Then he fell back, dead. I wondered around my mind for awhile before seeing a version of me dressed in a Reaper
jacket. It spoke in grunts and screams. After screaming at me for awhile it shot a bolt of continuous lightning at me and also used a bolt of overcharged energy against me. I then used cluster grenade and while he was on the ground I used Bio-Leech on him and saw a twisted memory of him training reaper conduits and walked up to Sasha and tell her that he loved her. After that twisted memory was over I threw up. When I was exploring New Marais I discovered I had both of their powers. My lightning was turned a dark purplish red. I then saw a version of me wearing a white and grey T-shirt and track pants. He had blue lightning and Cryokinesis. I walked over to him and asked what happened. He told me “I activated the R.F.I.” “I need to kill you to get back to our body” I told him. “I know. But if you do you will not be able to stand the pain of death.” He then stood down and allowed me to kill

Good Cole

him. God the amount of pain I felt as I saw all of his memories of Empire City and New Marais. When it was over I found that I had one more version of me to defeat. After awhile I found him. His eyes were red, He had fangs, and his shirt was yellow and black and bloodstained. He had been turned into a vampire. He moved like a locomotive and hit me with the stake on his back. It knocked me back at least twenty feet. I realized I had gotten my amp back. I ran at him as he was charging with my Amp turned on. As we struck each other’s weapons we were both knocked back. He hissed at me as he was flying back. I hit him with an Ionic Storm. It did little damage to him and only seemed to make him stronger. My eyes seemed to adjust to his movements and I was

vampire cole

able to pin him down. While he was injured he told me just to stay here in my mind because I wouldn’t be able to control myself. “We’ll just see won’t we?” I replied. Then I killed him. Then I absorbed his essence and his memories flashed through my brain. I woke up gasping. Kuo had gone with Jason and Adrian to attack another one of Bertrand’s warehouses. When I got there I found that Kuo was injured and Adrian was fighting Jason. There was something wrong with Jason. He had black tar in his mouth and Bertrand was controlling him. I went over to help Adrian against his brother but then he told me “Cole run get Kuo out of here I can handle Jason alone.” “I won’t leave you here Adrian.” I replied. “Cole get out of here.” I grabbed Kuo and flew her out of there. As we left a massive explosion erupted behind us. “Cole you shouldn’t have left him there.” She told me. “I know but I had no choice.” She then held tighter onto me. I looked back at the fire that now came out of where Bertrand’s warehouse was and it triggered a vision of Nix flying into John. I landed till the vision passed and healed Kuo. Kuo asked me “Cole are you alright.” “Yeah I’m fine.” I replied. “Are you sure Cole you don’t look well.” Then I passed out. When I woke up I saw that Kuo had another Ray Sphere in her possession. She told me “Activate it.”

Chapter 10: Mistakes

I told her “Not again Kuo. Never Again Kuo.” She replied “Cole please it’s the only way I’ll become a conduit again.” I replied “Kuo if I activate it I will be the cause of thousands of deaths.” She then showed me what was happening to her. The plague was ravaging her body. Seeing that triggered a memory that showed Kuo injured and crying. Kuo in the vision walked over to me proclaiming “Do it, Do it you and Nix made the right choice.” Then the vision ended. “Alright Kuo I’ll do it.” “Thank you Cole.” Then I activated it. God it killed so many people but it was worth it. Kuo was turned into Ice and her powers were greatly enhanced. I walked over and saw that the plague in her was gone but then I decided to use my extra powers to revive John, Nix and Zeke. Nix was happy to be alive as was Zeke but John just seemed to be frozen before he burst into flames. I walked up to him and saw that he was ok but changed. I then noticed I only had my Electrokinesis, Nix’s Pyrokinesis, and all of my powers from the codex and Blast Cores. John walked over to me and told me “Cole thank you for reviving me but I gave you my powers for a reason.” I replied “I know to kill the plague. Which I did. And I preserved humanity. Oh and John don’t abuse the extra power from the other Ray Sphere or I will find and kill you.” “Ok Cole I won’t you have my word.” He then walked away with Kuo leaving me with Zeke and Nix. Nix walked over to me and slapped me in the face then said “What the hell demon?” I replied “Nix just listen to me I killed the plague but also kept humanity alive.” Zeke walked over to me and hugged me then asked “If you could revive us then how come you didn’t revive Trish and Amy?” I replied “Zeke, Amy is alive but when I tried to revive Trish I don’t know I just couldn’t. I mean she died hating me.” He told me “I understand brother.” I then walked over to Nix and she kissed me then said “Thank You Cole.” Then she teleported away. Zeke asked me “So how long were we gone brother.” I replied “About a year.” A couple hours later I finished filling Zeke in on what happened during the past year over a couple beers. It was so good having him alive again. He asked “Wait a minute Cole you made the Beast stronger than he already was. Why the hell would you do that?” I replied “Look Zeke I’ve known John a long time I believe it was a wise choice, besides he’s guarding Empire City with Kuo.” Then Nix walked up “Hey Demon, How does it feel to be a normal conduit again and not some overly powerful being.” I told them about the hallucinations and Bertrand. Nix asked “Cole did any of my babies survive.” I replied “I’m sorry Nix none of them did.” Zeke interrupted saying “Cole what do you plan on doing about Bertrand.” I answered “Zeke we killed him once before we can do it again.” Then Nix teleported away. I said “I hope she’ll be ok.” Zeke replied “She’ll be fine so how are you.” I then walked over to the window and said “I’m fine man never been better.” He then asked “How are the hallucinations?” “Haven’t had any since before I revived you, Nix and John.” I replied. Then I collapsed and had another conversation with Kessler. “Cole why did you give the Beast his power back?” He asked confused. “Well why did you blow Empire City to bits?” I asked sarcastically. As I woke up I saw Zeke sitting right above me saying “Come on Brother wake-up.” Then I stood up and asked him how long I was out. He replied “I’m telling you man maybe two or three minutes how long did it feel like.” I told him “A week more or less. Look man I don’t really feel like talking right now.” He replied “Alright brother glad you’re ok.” I went to sleep for a few hours but it felt like a lifetime. While I was dreaming Kessler once again came to me in my dreams. He told me “Cole I know you think it was a good decision to give John back his powers and to an extent it was a good idea to get those things out of your system.” I replied “What things were in me?” Before leaving he said “Chimera.” I woke up and Zeke said “What’s wrong brother you look like you seen a damned ghost.” I knew that I had to stop John from succumbing to the chimera. I knew he needed to give up the power of the Original Ray Sphere. Kessler’s secrets played out in my head. I saw the First Sons force the Chimeran into the Ray Sphere and that in Kessler's timeline John succumbed to them.

Chapter 11: John

I called Nix and asked her to teleport me to Empire City. “Sure baby.” She replied. She grabbed my hand and teleported us to Empire City. When we got there it was like a damned war zone. There was blood and guts everywhere. Unimaginable and yet there it was. I asked Nix “Hey can you leave me here I’ll call you when I need you to come get me.” She replied “Alright baby don’t get yourself killed.” I nodded and she teleported away. Then I saw John locked in battle with Bertrand. After awhile John had subdued Bertrand and changed back into his humanoid form. Bertrand pleaded “Please brother do not kill me I will work with you.” He replied “No you won’t work with me because I do not need help.” Then John snapped his fingers and Bertrand exploded into a bloody
Corrupted beast

John with the extra power from the other sphere

mess. Then he turned to Kuo and said “If you wish to continue this existence you would be wise to flee.” Then she fled. I walked over to John and looked down at the remains of what used to be Joseph Bertrand IV. “John please give up the powers of the Original Ray Sphere.” I pleaded. He replied “Cole I need to deal with Bertrand’s followers first.” Then he was gone. I called Nix back to come get me and we left. As soon as we got back Zeke walked over and asked “Well what happened man?” I replied “John is corrupted by the powers it bestowed upon him.” His expression then turned to dread. He said “Sorry man I knew you two were friends.” I replied “Its fine man I’ll just have to kill him.” Kuo came in and I asked her “Why did John want to kill you?” She replied “He thinks I’m working with Bertrand.” That was odd of him to think that because Bertrand and Kuo hated each other. But what if they were? No she wouldn’t, would she? I mean I enhanced her powers when I activated the Ray Sphere. What if she wanted more? Kuo would never do that. But still maybe she had an ulterior motive. She could be trying to stop something from happening. What if she’s been working with him the whole time? But why would she have him physically strain her body so as to activate her powers? I’m just not seeing the full picture yet. Anyway there is a much bigger threat I still need to stop John. I asked Kuo “Did Wolfe have any more Blast Cores?” She replied “No but he had something similar.” Then the thought entered my head. What if Xiang was working for Kuo? After the thought passed I asked “Where are they and what do they do?” She replied “San Diablo and they will amplify your powers. He called them blast spheres. They look like smaller versions of the ray sphere.” How come Wolfe never mentioned them? All I know is I need those powers to stop the chimera. The chimera are coming and I will be ready.

Chapter 12: Power

I asked Kuo “How do I activate them?” She said “Like a Ray Sphere by pushing the two halves together.” Alright I just hope that the chimera haven’t overpowered John yet. The next day we went to San Diablo because Dr. White had moved himself there so he could help us locate the Blast Spheres. He told me "There is a Blast Sphere on a

Cole's new outfit

rooftop not far from here. Be careful though there are mutants in that area." I asked him "Mutants? What do you mean?" He told me about how Bertrand had used his powers on the active conduits in the area and then they mutated. Then I left with a new version of the Amp that Zeke made with Dr. White to channel my powers further. This Amp was stronger so that I could channel my other powers through it. I then donned a black outfit that was black and grey so that people wouldn't recognize me. I saw the Mutants on my way there but decided to avoid them. As soon as I got to the rooftop I saw that there was a group of hunters using their powers against the mutants. I quickly blasted them off the rooftop and onto the
Nix swamp witch

Nix's Costume

mutants killing them all. I noticed the Blast Sphere was locked in a crate in the corner. I used my amp to break the lock and picked up the Blast Sphere. It looked like a smaller version of the Ray Sphere. I activated it and it caused me to be enveloped by a by a blue sphere of energy and levitate. While I was conscious I looked around and saw that it had killed a group of civilians I didn't see on the rooftop. It then caused me to lose consciousness. When I woke up I saw I was back at Zeke's hideout laying on his couch. Zeke looked at me "So how did it go?" I replied "I feel like shit." Then he laughed and told me I was out for three days. I looked at him and told him "I need a beer." Then Nix walked in in a costume. She asked "Well Demon how do I look?" I replied "You're looking pretty sexy in that." She smiled then she left. Zeke looked at me like I was crazy then laughed. He asked me "What happened to you and Kuo getting together?" I replied "Well she just stopped caring after I made her a conduit again. So why not? Nix actually wants to be with me." Then I told him "Man I can't use the blast spheres." He asked me "Why not brother?" I told him "Because when I use them it causes people to die. I can't have that on my conscience." Then he said "Brother you killed millions of people while you were the Beast. And in Empire City you used the Ray Sphere a second time. Or what about when you used a Ray Sphere to give Kuo her powers back? I'm suprised at you Cole. Power has always been one thing you couldn't live without even after the Blast in Empire City." I just

A mutant

stared at him in disbelief and replied "You're right Zeke I don't know what has gotten in to me. I don't have a sense of right and wrong anymore." Then I laughed. The other me is dead. I hear his voice inside my head. That good version of me will never return. My lightning then turned black with a dark blue aura around it. I said to Zeke "Thank you Zeke you have freed my dark side again." Zeke then looked at me petrified then asked "Cole are you alright?" I replied "I'm better than ok you stupid human. I am perfect." Then he asked "Cole what are you going to do about John?" I replied "I'm going to absorb all of the Blast Spheres and then I'm going to kill
Kineticlops skins

Cole's Golem form

him." Then I went outside and made an electrokinetic golem around myself and destroyed a group of mutants. I laughed and then Nix came and grabbed me. She shouted "Cole don't do this. Don't turn into John." Then she let go and started crying. Then the memory of me activating the R.F.I. flashed in my head. "Do it. Do it." I gained my consciousness back. I told her "I'm sorry Nix I don't know what got in to me. That monster will never return. Never." She replied "Thank You Cole." Then we kissed passionately and I wondered "What if it happens again?" Then a giant swarm of mutant clowns attacked us led by this demonic clown with flaming hair driving an Ice Cream Truck. He yelled "Kill them. All of them. We will become gods. It is our destiny. I am Marcus Kane and I am the True Beast."

Chapter 13: False Prophet

Needles Kane was locked up in Empire City in the Historic District before the Blast occurred. After he escaped the destroyed Police Station he went to settle some old scores with the guys that turned him in. He learned to control his destructive powers and attacked a First Sons base in hopes of gaining more powers in order to rule over Empire City. There he learned of the coming of the Beast and thought that he was this prophetic monster. After I defeated Kessler, Needles went to the Neon and allowed himself to be captured by Reapers and taken back to Sasha. In Sasha's tunnel which was rebuilt, Needles made a deal with Sasha. Needles asked her "Hello

Needles Kane

there Sister, I know you want power as much as I do, So all I ask is that you give a group of your Shockwave Conduits so I can kill MacGrath." She replied "No brother I will not allow you to kill Cole. If you try you will be stopped." Then a few days later The Beast was reborn in Empire City and Needles attacked it with several Reapers and managed to drive it towards the center of the Neon. He yelled to John "You are not the true Beast. I don't know what the hell you are but you're not the Beast!" I flashed back to where I was and grasped for air. Nix asked me "What's wrong baby?" I replied "Nothing Nix. Nothing at all." She looked at me worried and I smiled back before we attacked the mutants. That was the first time that Nix and I fought side-by-side since we fought Bertrand together. I turned into my golem form again and smashed through to the mutant's leader and grabbed Needles. I told him "For the good of the Earth you must die you pychopath." He laughed and and replied "Were you so different?" He smiled and I snapped his neck. Nix asked me "Is he dead?" I replied "Yeah. He's gone." Or so I thought. When we turned around to face his body he was gone. I told Nix "He'll be back. And when he comes I am going to kill him once and for all." She smiled before I looked down at my hands and a blue orb of


energy swallowed me and sent me spiraling through time. When I landed I saw I was on a mountain that began to shake and tremble as I looked down and saw a startling sight. A pale man with a red tattoo was commanding an army of beings that were the size of the Beast. I thought to myself "What in the hell is going on around here? I looked down again and saw what they were climbing towards. A building on a hill. Then the man yelled up to the people in the building "ZEUS! Your son has returned! I bring the destruction of Olympus!" I climbed up the hill so I could warn this "Zeus" person. When I was nearly to the top one of the monsters threw a boulder at the temple and caused me to fall from the mountain and land on top of the creature that the Pale Man was riding. I got up and was surrounded by a group of undead wearing armor. I threw an Ionic Cyclone and killed them before finally making eye contact with the mysterious man. I yelled at him "What do you want Pale Warrior?" He looked at me and yelled "ZEUS! The Hands of Death could not defeat me! The Sisters of Fate could not control me! And YOU will not see the end of this day!" Then he swung a Blade that glowed blue at me which barely missed me but I still feel the Power coming from the Blade. Power I could use to destroy John and the Chimera. Then he swung the Blade at me again and I caught it with my Amp and threw it out of his hand. It landed in the ground not far from me. I ran over to it and noticed what looked to be a Blast Sphere in the hilt and removed it. I thought to myself "Seriously Wolfe?" Then he pulled out two chained blades and swung them at me. I asked him "Why are you attacking them? Who are you?" He replied in an angry voice "Do not play dumb Zeus! I know it is you who attacks me!" I replied "I am not this Zeus you speak of. I am from the future. I do not know how I got here. Why do you need redemption?" He replied "The Fallen God of War, Ares tricked me into murdering my family. They refuse to relieve my memories. I am Kratos, The God of War. If you are who you say you are then help me gain redemption." The look in his eyes was convincing so I joined him. I picked up the Blade that I caused Kratos to drop and asked "How powerful are these Gods that you mentioned?" He replied in a stern voice "Very powerful. Zeus is probably the strongest of them all." I asked him "Can that Blade kill him?" He replied "Yes it can. It is the most powerful weapon ever created." I replied "Good. That fool deserves to die for making you suffer." He asked me "Why do you care so much?" I looked at him and replied "I know what it's like to lose someone that I cared about." Suddenly Poseidon jumped down the mountain and shot himself straight through Epimetheus' chest and the Titan collapsed into the ocean. He looked at Gaia and she told him "Kratos something has me. Free me." Then we headed up her arm towards where she was stuck and suddenly a horse made of water emerged out of her arm. I told Kratos sarcastically "Oh Great. Water. That's just perfect." He smirked and started attacking it with his chained Blades and I brought down an Ionic Storm on top of it

Poseidon in his God Form

weakening it greatly. He used his Blades to rip off it's bottom jaw and killed it. We continued until we saw Poseidon rise out of the Waves below. He yelled at Kratos "You dare challenge me mortal. A God of Olympus?" Then Kratos replied angrily "A true Warrior does not hide Poseidon. Leave the Sea and face us!" Poseidon replied "You have disrespected the Gods for the last time Kratos!" Kratos attacked him head on while I charged up another Ionic Storm and brought it down on top of him. He yelled at me confused "What? What treachery is this? Another child of Zeus perhaps?" I replied angrily by bringing another Ionic Storm on top of him and yelling "I am the Beast! Nothing will stop me! Not you. And definitely not Zeus!" Kratos looked at me dumbfounded before he proceeded to beat Poseidon's God Form against Gaia's hand before Gaia launched us through his God Form. As I was recovering Kratos proceeded to beat poseidon mercislessly beat him until he was badly injured but stopped when he saw that I was drained of energy. He asked me "What is wrong Cole?" I told him "I need energy. Bring Poseidon over here so I can drain some of his energy out of him before you finish him off." Kratos nodded and walked over to Poseidon before picking him up and dragging him towards me. I put my hand on the Aquakinetic God and felt his energy spike through me. I let go and got up and Kratos finished him off by gouging out his eyes and breaking his neck. After his body landed in the Ocean the water covered up most of the land. Kratos looked at me and asked "Are you alright Cole?" I replied "Yeah I'm fine now that my energy is full." In reality I felt stronger than ever before. Even after I activated the Ray Sphere a second time in Empire City. I felt like I had all of Poseidon's Godly Power in my attacks. By that time Gaia had climbed up to where we were and told us "The deeath of Zeus is within our reach. Climb to my hand." We did and she continued to climb up Mount Olympus until we reached the balcony that Zeus was standing on. Kratos took the direct path while I climbed up behind Zeus. Kratos asked Zeus "What will you do now father? You can no longer hide behind the skirts of Athena." Zeus replied "Athena is dead because the rage that consumes you! I will tolerate your insolence no longer!" Then he flew up into the clouds and came down on top of a statue weilding a golden thunderbolt which he threw at Kratos sending him spiraling down the mountain. I tried to save him with a lightning hook but missed. I snuck up behind Zeus and placed my hand on his face and drained some of his energy out. I felt my electrical powers surge uncontrollably and I was surrounded by a massive ball of energy that sent me spiraling forward in time to Masayaf in 1191. I stood up and saw that I was surrounded by a group of men wearing white clothes. Then I was captured.

Chapter 14: Revelations

A young man came before me and asked "Are you a Templar? Because if you are we must kill you. But if you are not then you can become one of us." I looked up at his face and told him "I am no Templar. I never will be." He smiled and helped me to my feet before saying "Welcome to the Brotherhood. Sorry about the hostility shown towards you. Our brothers are a little upset after the death of our Grand Master." I smiled back and replied "It is fine." He smiled and told me "My name is Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad. Who are you?" I reluctantly told him "My name is
184440 altair


Cole MacGrath. I need to show you something." He followed suspicously behind me as we climbed up to the rooftop. Then as I turned around he was running towards me with his sword drawn. I dodged out of his way and knocked his sword out of his hand with my Amp charged up before I yelled "Altair! What are you doing?" He looked at me scared before asking "What are you?" I sighed and put up my Amp up before helping him to his feet. I told him "I'm from the future. I'm superhuman." I asked him to watch my unconscious body before I activated the Blast Sphere I got from the Blade of Olympus. A blue sphere of energy covered me and I felt the power surge through me. I woke up and saw Altair looking at me shocked before asking "Are you alright?" I replied "I'm better than alright." He replied "You were dead. I saw you die." I told him confidently "It's very hard to kill me." Then I laughed and we were attacked by a group of Templar Guards. I used my newest power to throw a gravity grenade at them. I was awestruck by the damage done by one grenade. Altair looked at me and then at the crater I created. He was afraid of me now. Zeus' and Poseidon's power was used up when I got here. I asked Altair "You wouldn't happen to have a golden sphere anywhere in this castle here would
Apple of eden

Apple of Eden

you?" He nodded and we climbed up the walls of the fortress. He gave me a white robe so I would fit in. It kinda reminded me of Kessler's Robe. I spent years practicing being an assassin without my powers. It has been approximately 10 years since I met Altair and he has grown to respect instead of fear me. I knew that I had to stop John but it didn't matter because I can't go back to stop him until Altair allows me to use the Apple of Eden. But he won't allow me in his chamber with the Apple because of something that happened with his former master, Al Mualim. He told me of Al Mualim's betrayal of both the Assassins and the Templars. He told me "This Technology was created by Those Who Came Before. Many of us believed them to be Gods. But I do not." I asked him "Then what do you think they are?" He replied "Well they aren't Gods because they can be killed." I asked him "How do you know?" He replied "An ancestor of mine killed a group of them. His name was Kratos." I gasped and remembered when Kratos and I had killed Poseidon. I told him "I knew Kratos. For awhile anyway." He was shocked and asked me "What was he like?" I replied "Paranoid. Violent. Bloodthirsty. Covered in ashes and blood." He looked shocked and told me "Wait here Cole." So I stood there and waited while he carried out something with a cloth over it. He took the cloth off and handed me what looked to be a small golden bomb. Then I got a closer look and noticed it was a Blast Sphere. I looked at him shocked before asking "Is this it? The Apple of Eden?" He nodded and I told him "You might want to stand back Altair. I haven't used one of these in years so I don't know what it will do." He nodded and took a few steps back while I pushed three fingers into the holes on the sides. I suddenly felt Golden Energy envelop around me and I saw everything. Past. Present. Future. I saw John's body exploding and the Chimera were released. I saw Kuo fighting against Nix. I saw Zeke kill himself. And finally before the vision ended I saw Kessler fighting a being made of pure energy. Or maybe it was me fighting it. As the visions ended my lightning turned gold like the Lightning Zeus had used against Kratos. Then I fell to the ground as the last of the Apple's energy flowed into me. I woke up and was enveloped in a blue sphere of energy as I was sent spiralling through back to my time. I tried to tell Altair "Goodbye. Brother." but then I was thrown back to my own time in front of Zeke who was having a drink with Nix. They were shocked by my sudden appearance. Nix commented "Wow Demon you look older." Then Zeke laughed and said "Nice Entrance there brother." I stood up and then showed Zeke and Nix my Black Hole Grenade. Zeke looked at me yelled "Hellacious! Hell I didn't know you could do something like that." I replied "I got it from a Blast Sphere carried by a fallen god named Kratos. And I got another one which I don't know what it does yet." He smirked and told me "Well you might as well try it out." I smiled him and focused a large amount of energy into my new attack. I looked around trying to find some sort of mark on the manequin. But I couldn't find anything. Then I looked at Zeke and he said "Maybe it's not a destructive power." I replied "Maybe you're right Zeke." Then Zeke looked shocked as he looked behind me. I asked him "What's wrong Zeke?" Then Nix looked behind me and smiled. She said "Nice wings Cole." I looked at a mirror and saw that I had Electrical Wings. Zeke laughed at the expression on my face. Then I noticed that my eyes were glowing yellow. I'm one of them now.

Chapter 15: Addiction

My skin turned a sickly grey. I fell to the ground and blacked out after Zeke hit me with my Amp. I woke up several hours later strapped down to a table. I looked up at Zeke and asked "Why Zeke?" He replied "Because you're sick Cole. I know about your addiction." I asked him "What addiction?" He replied angrily "Sasha's Tar! Kuo told me about how you have her strapped down somewhere with a pump stealing her Tar from her body." I had indeed stolen her tar and injected it into my body over periods of time. I knew that what I was doing was wrong but what other choice did I have? Zeke looked at me and then at Nix and Kuo and said "You did it for pleasure. You're getting high off of the Tar." I replied "Yes Zeke I am but it's not for pleasure. I need it to make me stronger." He looked at me shocked and said "Why Cole?" I replied "Z, Please just trust me. Now I'm asking you as a friend and a brother. Trust me." He looked down at me "I'm sorry Cole. I can't trust you anymore." Then they left me tied to a table in a room that Zeke refers to as the Panic Room. I screamed for hours "LET ME OUT!" Then I couldn't believe it the straps were gone and I looked up and saw Kessler. I told him "Go ahead and say it." He asked "Say what?" I replied "How you're ashamed of me. How far I've gone off the reservation." He smiled and replied "Cole. I'm not ashamed of you. You did what had to be done. I'm glad that you did the right thing." Then I asked him "But Zeke..." Then he cut me off by saying "Zeke is weak. He wouldn't be able to the right thing if he had your powers." I looked up at where he was but he was gone by then. In his place I saw Trish. She smiled and said "Hey Cole." I looked at her ashamed before saying "It's my fault that you're dead. It's all my fault." She hugged me and told me "No it's not." I looked at her suprised while she hugged me and said "You're not mad?" She smiled and replied "You set me free Cole. I miss you Cole. You know what must be done." I hugged her back before the straps were placed back on my wrists. I screamed for her but she disappeared. I felt the sting of a tear roll down my cheek. I screamed until my voice was numb. I could hear Nix trying to reason with Zeke and crying. Kuo was yelling and trying to calm down Nix. Then I heard a large crash and Zeke fell to the floor bleeding from his forehead while Nix was beating him with the Amp. I screamed at Nix to stop but nothing came out and she continued to beat him with the Amp. I tried to break free of the straps but they wouldn't budge. Then I saw Kuo fly into Nix causing her to be rammed into a wall. I begged them to stop but my voice was silenced. Then all of a sudden they were gone. All of them. The blood was gone. The crater in the wall was gone. Then the straps were just gone. I looked up again and saw John. He nodded and his eyes flickered yellow before he turned around and disappeared into the wall. The straps really were gone this time. I got up off the table and went upstairs. I looked in at Zeke who was asleep in his chair and Kuo who was passed out on his couch. I will deal with them later. Zeke had been building me a prototype electric motorcycle which he kept in his garage. I recognized the blue lightning insignia on the bike. I heard footsteps behind me and turned around to see Zeke. He told me "Brother, I don't know how you got out but you're going right back in." He had a hose pointed at me, his hand on the trigger. I replied "You won't do it. You know what I would do to you." He pulled the trigger and I rolled out of the way before hitting him with a shockwave. He looked at me and said faintly "Cole don't do this." I turned around and got on the Motorcycle and drove away. I didn't want to have to kill him again. But he better not get in my way again. I continued to ride the Motorcycle with Lightning streaking off the sides of it while I rode. I thought to myself "At least he can do something right." Then I saw the bridge to Empire City. I turned left and saw a group of Mutants. I shot a bolt from the Amp that hit a billboard and knocked it over on top of the mutants and I used it as a ramp to jump over a few stragglers. I sped up as I hit the remains of the Quarantine Line and drove over it. How could it have gotten this bad in Empire City? I already knew the answer. John. I had more pressing matters to deal with before I could destroy John. I looked down at my right arm. There was a blue liquid flowing through my veins and up my arm. I sped up so I could get to Sasha faster. I need that Tar in my blood. I felt the power drain from my body as my skin became more sickly. Let me out Cole. "What the hell was that?" I asked myself. Then I shook my head and the voice stopped and my power returned. "Much better." I told myself. I slowed down when a vision of one of the Chimera flashed in my head. I need to hurry up and get to Sasha. I sped up to at least 210 mph. I got to the building that I hid Sasha in. My vision was blurring and I stumbled over to the machine and hooked the needle into my arm. I could hear Sasha screaming out in pain. "Stop please. I'm begging you." She screamed. I replied "Shut up." My flesh returned to its normal color and the blue fluid disappeared. "Much better." I said out loud with Sasha still screaming in the background. Then the screaming stopped. I turned around to see that the removal of Sasha's Tar had killed her. But I got what I wanted.

Chapter 16: Dead End

I had enough Tar in my blood to make it 20 years without side-effects. I climbed back on to my bike and drove off. I used my inner Chimeran abilities to find John. He had just disappeared. I haven't failed yet. I used my Vampire Sense to try and find him. Nothing. I have to continue to fight. I used Shadow Swarm to get to the top of a building in the Neon. I have to find him before he explodes. Then all of a sudden I saw him. Deformed and injured. But still him. I took pity on him and flew down towards him. "Cole. You were right." he said faintly. I replied "John. Don't move so I can try and help you." I picked him up and placed him on my motorcycle. He suddenly said "NO! I can't leave. Not until these things are out of me." Then he climbed off my Bike and I helped him stand up and leaned him against a wall before he lashed out me. I backed away and used my Psychic powers to cause him to explode. "I'm sorry John. It was an honor." Then suddenly Sasha's Tar just drained out of me and I felt weak while I saw a man in a hoodie walking away from John's body. He turned around and looked at me and smiled before saying "Thank you for freeing them Cole. Goodbye." Then I passed out. I woke up in Zeke's Panic Room strapped down to his table. I looked up at him and said "Zeke I feel fine. I'm not addicted anymore. The Tar is gone." He looked at me and asked "How is that possible?" I replied "I don't know. But Sasha is dead." My eyes were still yellow. He looked at me like I was crazy and unstrapped me. He said "Alright brother. I trust

Alex Mercer, The new leader of the Chimera

you. For now." I gave him an uneasy smile and said "The Chimera are free. It looks like a man in a hoodie leads them. Probably a conduit of immense power." He nodded and looked at Nix and Kuo. "What's wrong?" I asked. He replied "His name is Alex Mercer. He single-handedly eradicated the human population in San Emideus." I asked "How? How could he do that? In one day?" Zeke replied "It's been a month since you killed John and released the Chimera." I was shocked at how long I had slept. He had control of the Chimera and now he can eradicate the Human population unless I learn how Nathan Hale had destroyed them. I asked Zeke "How's the bike?" He replied "It's trashed brother." I looked at him and asked "Can you fix it?" He smirked and replied "Of course I can. I can fix anything." I smiled at him before saying "Well get working Jedediah." I need it fixed as soon as possible so I can go after Mercer. He must die so that all of this can finally be over. Forever. A week later Zeke had it fixed up. Better than new. Now it had a demonic horned skull covering the
Voodoo acheron

Acheron in Zeke's garage

handlebars and a spiked rear. I got on it and immediatly felt like it was part of me. Zeke told me "It's faster than any other motorcycle whether it's on the road or not. It also amplifies your powers when you're riding it. I call it Acheron." I looked at him and smiled before telling him "Sweet." Then I asked "Where was he last seen?" Zeke replied "He's still in San Emideus. I got a boat that we can take there." I stopped him by saying "Whoa there Z. I need to go alone." He looked at me and said "I'm going whether you like it or not. Besides somebody has to save your sorry ass." I smirked and asked "When do we leave?" Nix smiled and said "I'm ready now." Kuo cut in "So am I." Zeke smiled and said "Alright we can go in 2 hours." I looked at him and asked "Why 2 hours?" He looked back at me and replied "Well I uh got a girl that I need to pay real fast." I slapped my forehead and said "Of course you do." Then he laughed before Kuo gave him a stern look. She told him "What have I told you about picking up prostitutes?" He replied ashamed "I um...forgot that you told me not to." I laughed mockingly at Zeke with Nix laughing her ass off. Then Nix said "Hey Zeke do what your mommy says to or you're grounded." Then we laughed harder. Kuo gave me an intimidating look and I tried not to make eye contact. I looked toward Zeke who had his head hanging low. Nix just kept laughing before she got in Kuo's face. Kuo backed away and charged her ice while Nix charged her napalm. I jumped off of Acheron and got in between them and said "We are supposed to be fighting the Chimera. Not each other." They both calmed down and backed off. Women. Never will understand them. I told Zeke "We're just having a little fun. Come on man buck up." He smiled and got up on his feet before saying "Yeah I know. Lightning Rod." I looked at him and chuckled. Same old Zeke.

Chapter 17: Destroyer

Zeke refused the Girl's "services" and she left. Now we were in San Emideus. Kuo was still giving me a death stare so I talked with Nix. She hugged me and told me "I missed you Demon." She was more emotional than I've ever seen her. I tried to cheer her up by telling her "Everything is gonna be ok Nix. I promise." Then she got angry and yelled at me "NO IT'S NOT!" Zeke looked at her and then at me and said "What did you do Cole?" I replied "Nothing. I just told her everything was going to be alright." By this time Nix was floating in the air and screaming. There was nothing I could do but sit and watch as she was slowly consumed by her own pyrokinetic powers. I yelled "NIX!" And then in her place was an evil being riding atop a demonic horse. The mysterious being yelled "I am the Horseman War!" I thought it was in english but Zeke and Kuo were on the ground holding their hands over their ears. Blood was visibly coming out of their ears. I tried to help them to their feet but they just laid there. Kuo was screaming "COLE! HELP ME!" I could understand him. Then I understood. He was speaking in a tone that could only be understood by Conduits that have Chimeran properties. I climbed onto Acheron and drove it straight
Ruin in Game


through him causing him to bleed badly. He quickly healed himself and drew his sword from his hilt and charged at me. I yelled "YOU'RE GONNA PAY FOR WHAT YOU DID TO NIX!" He just laughed and threw a giant shuriken at me. I drove out of the way and rammed Acheron straight through him. But this time I took his sword out of his hand. He just laughed and I felt his sword shaking in my hand. I told him "You want it you can have it." Then I spun out on Acheron and thrust the sword straight through his chest. He exploded and some hellspawn came out of the vortex that now was floating in the air. Then it reformed into Nix's body. I got off of Acheron and ran towards Nix's body. I saw some red energy flow from War's horse into Acheron and then it's eyes became inflamed. I picked her up and healed her the best I could and she woke up for a second and said "Sorry can't help fight Mercer". Then she died. I knew what I had to do. I tapped into the Chimeran's power and this yellow energy flowed from my body into her. Zeke tried to stop me but I yelled "I need her!" Kuo was upset and started to cry. Nix woke up, her eyes glowing yellow and she hugged me and said "Thank you Cole. I love you." Then she kissed me. Zeke looked disgusted but I didn't care. I had Nix back. I held her closer and she laid her head on my shoulder. Kuo gave me a disappointed look before going below deck with Zeke so that they wouldn't throw up. I knew I had infected her with my own strand of the Chimeran Virus. She had tears running down her face. I felt the sting as the tear hit my skin but I ignored it. She was the world to me. She always would be. Then I noticed a gold ring on the ground near where we were standing. I picked it up and looked at it. It then burned a golden symbol on my head. Nix looked at my forehead and studied the symbols before she said "It's Nephilim. It means destroyer of worlds." I was shocked that she knew what it said. I asked her "How do you know what it says?" She replied "Well I did some peaking behind the wall that War had me locked behind. You are the Death-Bringer." I stroked my hand through her hair and she smiled. Then she kissed me again and we headed into town. I figured that nothing would go wrong. Boy, was I wrong.

Chapter 18: Screwed

I asked Zeke "Hey Zeke where did you get the bike?" He replied "What are you talking about brother?" I replied "The way you looked at Acheron when that guy's energy flowed into it." He owned up "Alright, fine I won in a poker game." I replied startled "With who?" He replied "With some hot chick named Nariko. I actually felt pretty bad about taking such a bike from such a woman. Oh well."