inFAMOUS 3: Falling City is a spin-off game of inFAMOUS 3 released only on the PlayStation Vita.


The game does not follow Cole or any of the characters from IF1 or 2, instead it follows a new character living in Quake, Jacob Price, he was experimented on by the army to create a super soldier, he was created partially by Cole's DNA, he was given part of Cole's powers, as well as some of his own and increased speed and strength. He was named War by the army, and they thought he was under his control, he eventually broke out and returned to Quake to find it in chaos.

More to be added later.


To be added later, haven't quite figured everything out yet.


  • Story Mode
  • Multiplayer- Same as in IF3, however a couple different characters, plus the army is thrown into the mix.
  • Challenge Mode- This supposedly takes place in the early stages of Jacob getting his powers, as you slowly re-earn your powers in this mode, this is also used a training mode, this mode testing power, stealth, and agility, by either making you take out dozens of enemies in a row, or sneaking around and silently taking out your enemies, or testing your speed with time trials.
  • User Generated Challenges- A variation of Challenge Mode and UGC, where you instead play or make Challenges.