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inFAMOUS 3 (Comic Book) is the comic book adaption of inFAMOUS 3


I was dead, I was sure I was dead, but I guess I wasn't somehow. The RFI just greatly injured me, and wiped out my powers, maybe that wasn't such a bad thing. The Demon of Empire City would stay dead, the world didn't need a hero anymore, or a villain, or so I thought. I ventured to a new city, Quake, I would try and start a new life there, my "death" would be a fresh start, no more powers, no more Demon. But everything isn't right, the goverment has gone nuts trying to create artificial Conduits, people are going to scientists to make them Conduits, that are usually turned into violent, deformed beast. The world always needs a hero, and I may be the one it needs, but I'm not the one it deserves.