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This wiki is dedicated for creative writers who wish to write their own stories for the superhero action game inFamous. All users are free to create and craft their own stories as much as they want. If looking for powers, head here

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Our featured user at the moment is Jim Logan.
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Our currently featured fanon is inFamous: Legend of the Conduits.
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Good day, people of fanonville! What is this, exactly? This is our solution to both the staff's and the writer's problems. That's right, inFamous Wiki now has a Fanon Wiki, dedicated for all you creative writers who want to make their own stories for their beloved characters and series. Currently, we're working on patching things up with this place. We're not exactly there yet, so until that time comes, just hold out for the moment. Thank you for your patronage and understanding.

Professor Awesome 03:30, August 3, 2012 (UTC)Kesslerbeast

(Official WikiiF Wiki Staff)


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Zeke Dunbar: Double Agent.


September 4, 2011

  • Kesslerbeast, representing inFamous Wiki Users has adopted this wiki. Further announcements will be made as it develops.