1. Cole and Zeke are betrayed by Alliance, but they are quickly defeated. Awesome Duo investigate Grand Grand Grand Grand Grand First Militarian, and find out that Cole is not really Beast nor Wiseman(new character).
  2. Cole and Zeke split up to destroy the Mutants Of NYC so they can focus on Military, Wiseman and Beast 2. While searching, Zeke finds out and tells Cole that once Wiseman and Beast where best friends who destroyed countries and they find out that Beast 2 is really Beast 3.
  3. Because real Beast 2 was John(from Infamous 2), Cole figures out that he must find out true about Beast 1 and who really was supposed to be.
  4. As the truth must be known Cole reveals to everyone who are still people, that together they can defeat Military and that Cole will do the rest. When Team People turn aginst the Military, they decide to join forces and defeat Devourin Duo.