1. Cole and Zeke learn that to defeat evil forces(again) they must go back to Empire City and Cole uses his new power and resurrects Nix to help them defeat Beast 2(which is Beast 3 but is does not matter here). Nix is furious at Cole about what happened in New Marais but Cole is sorry and Nix agrees.
  2. Before they leave, Nix informs Awesome Duo that original Beast is prehistorical character who has his ancestors and with Wiseman, they killed dinosaur citizens just for fun. And Wiseman was an shape-shifting creature who was once best friends with God, but Wiseman betrayed him and makes God invisible (which explains much). As Nix was telling Cole more he was just collecting new powers such as claws melee, flying kick more fire powers and lighting beam.
  3. They leave NYC on peaceful time and travel trough Canada and go back to place when all begined. When going to the Stampton Bridge, Wiseman reveals his identity and he battle Cole and Nix.
  4. Running to Empire City, Zeke says that he needs to be safe on this war and Cole and Nix agrees. Before battle Beast 3 reveals that he is Cole 2. In the middle of the fight, Cole will destroy his beast clone, even if that means that it will must say goodbye to his real life.
  5. After the fight Cole fulfills his destiny as he realizes who he is meant to be. Then he showed to be alive and he want to live happily ever after with Zeke and Nix in New New New York. Note: Cole in epilogue realizes he forgot to free Cat from (now abandoned) Military base, as Cole flies(his new power) to free Cat.