Jon Martin
Vital statistics
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Gender male
Race conduit
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Health UNK
Level UNK
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Status alive
Location Icehaven, New Jovi
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Jon Martin is a detective/serial-killer-for-conduits from Icehaven, New Jovi. He discovered his powers after the death of his wife "Abigail". While as a detective, he often solves cases involving strange events caused by superpower people.


Before he became a detective, he was married to a beautiful woman named "Abigail". Then one day, a monsterous looking conduit came at their door, it attacked and killed Abigail and only left Jon alive. At this moment, he began to hate others like it. Later on, Jon has been tailing the conduit from before and found it with his ability to track conduits. He found the creature in human form; it was a man. He gazed at Jon with surprise and defends himself by shifting into his monster form. Jon somehow mimiced it's ability and he transformed into a bigger beast. Jon broke the conduits neck, he wiped his fingerprints, and left. Jon then soon enlisted to become a detective so he can hunt down other conduits easily.


He has the ability to mimic other conduits' abilities to the fullest extent within twenty yards. As a byproduct, he is given a signal whenever a conduit is nearbye. This ability also allows power mixture if there are more than one conduit in the area.


Jon is very calm and cool when it comes to his job as a Detective but when it comes to face to face with a conduit, he slightly shifts into anger issues and absolute focus.