Kaleb Fisher
Vital statistics
Alias The Futurarian
Gender Male
Race Conduit
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Health 250
Level Unknown
Power {{{power}}}
Status Alive
Location San Marcus
Voiced By Leon Ockenden
Kaleb Fisher is a conduit that is set to appear multiple times throughout the single-player storyline of inFAMOUS: Anarchy. He is a very skilled chronokinetic conduit that was sent from the future to kill Cole.



Although once a gang leader, Kaleb has vowed to go back in time to stop his terrible future from happening. His violent behaviour leads some people to believe that he is indeed a psychopath but he is nowhere near as insane as his enemy, Cole MacGrath.



  • Kaleb Fisher is set to be voiced by Leon Ockenden who is known for portraying FBI Agent Norman Jayden of Heavy Rain.