Cole MacGrath is a Conduit who's powers over electricity were activated by his future self. After killing his evil self and going to New Marais to get powers to kill the Beast, instead chose to take the evil path. In the end, killing all of humanity to save the Conduits.

Kessler(center with the red eyes)

Life after New MaraisEdit

With New Marais in ashes, Cole arose and army of Conduits to follow him to make sure life on earth stayed. After a month, Cole was deemed King of the world (and Conduits due to being the most powerful of them) Cole would rule the conduits with an iron first as "The Beast". About 3 months into his regin, a Clone of Bertrand with the DNA of the Beast infused with his own, battled and killed a major part of Cole's people(minus Lucy) too which Cole went into hiding, calling himself Kessler. After months of hiding, Kessler's powers were all activated by Ray Sphere blasts to which he revived Cole MacGrath Lucy Kuo, Nix and Zeke from the main-stream timeline to kill the Clone Bertrand so it doesnt mess up another timeline. After the defeat of the Clone Bertrand in the normal timeline, Kessler would kill the Clone Bertrand himself, abiet sacraficing himself, in his final momments, the revived Zeke and Nix from his timeline, stated "He has regained his humanity", with his electricity turning blue.