"Hell on Earth...Finally."
— Lilith
Nice Right?
Vital statistics
Alias Mother of All
Gender Female
Race Conduit
Affiliation Herself
Health Unknown
Level Unknown
Power {{{power}}}
Status Alive
Location Unknown
Voiced By Jessica Straus
Lilith is the legendary demon that created the conduit race, that appears as the "true" final boss of inFAMOUS: Anarchy after Yamato Ayabe is defeated. She was created by Samyaza as a blasphemy against his father.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Chaos Manipulation- As the first and only remaining demon in existence, Lilith is able to manipulate forces of Chaos.
    • Disaster Manipulation- Lilith is able to creat and manipulate various natural disasters.
      • Blizzard Generation- Lilith is able to use a combination of cold, winds and snow to create blizzards.
      • Hurricane Generation- Lilith can create hurricanes to cause massive damage. Used only in flashbacks.
      • Sandstorm Generation- Lilith can create powerful winds that will attract sand and debris into a massive sandstorm.
      • Conduit Creation- As the Mother of all Conduits, Lilith is able to mutate normal human beings into New Conduits.
      • Corruption Inducement- Lilith is able to conduits to effectively go "darkside" by kissing them or bleeding into their mouths. Two examples of this power are Adrian Williams and Alex Grace. She also attempted this on Jason Williams but the corruption was repelled by his indomitable will.
  • Omnifarious- Lilith is able to shapeshift into anyone or anything.
  • Omnilingualism- Lilith can speak every language, dead or otherwise.
  • Immortality-Lilith cannot die of natural causes but was vanquished back to the depths of Hell by Jason Williams.


"Oh Jacob. How couldn't you see this coming?"
— Lilith in her final encounter with Jacob Weebs

Lilith advocated the notion that perception is reality, and it was her sole purpose to dominate reality. She did not lie simply for the sake of lying, but rather to decieve with the intent of controlling others' perception of what is real. She relished the moment her victim realized they'd been decieved, that moment of nakedness and betrayal. If Lilith had a weakness however, it was that she was often trapped within the intricate webs of her own machinations.


  • Lilith is set to be portrayed by Jessica Straus who previously voiced Sasha during the first inFAMOUS game.