Lucas Alareiks
Lucas Hellar Dunbar MacGrath is a Conduit, born in Empire City and lived in Empire City and New Marais for most of his life until he moved to San Diablo, where his powers were fully activated.

Early LifeEdit

Lucas was born in Empire City to Lucy Kuo MacGrath and Cole MacGrath in 2016 only a month after A Zombie outbreak in New Marais. Two weeks after his birth(alongside his twin sister Trish), Lucas's aunt Nix used the Dunbar Watch to accelerate their ages to about 4 years of age. A month afterwords, Cole started training Lucas and Trish for any fights they may have. Taking a "vacation" to New Marais, Lucas and Trish found themselves in the middle of a war happening between "The Rebls" and the "Clones" of a Clone Bertrand.

Fighting a New enemyEdit

Years later, Cole and Lucy found that the world was changing and they had to wipe their son's memory, sent him to live with Lucy's aunt in San Diablo and on his 22nd Birthday, a blast hit him, re-activating his powers. After a few weeks, he was told by his Uncle, to travel to Empire City to find "Cole", upon coming to Empire, he found his father waiting for him, to which they shared an embrace. A few days later he assisted in killing John White for the third and final time and assisted the World's Government in taking out the Conduit Army of John's, After his, he and his twin sister reverted back to the age of 10 to which they restarted being a family, enjoying worldwide peace for the first time since pre-crusades.