Lucy MacGrath(bree Kuo) is a Conduit Female who was an undercover agent working for the NSA to investigate the organization known as the First Sons, stationed at New Marais while working with an inside man, Dr. Sebastian Wolfe. Afterwards, experimentation performed on her turned Kuo into a Conduit, able to manipulate ice and fly.

Post BeastEdit

Life after The BeastEdit

After being revived by Kessler, Cole, Nix, Zeke and Kuo went to France to get "God powers" Which after getting said powers, defeated the Clone Bertrand and his army of clones. After beating the Clone Bertrand, Lucy and Cole(who had begun dating after being revived) started living together in Empire City(and agreed to live in New Marais during the summer). After a year Cole proposed to Lucy, to which she accepted happily. After getting pregnent, the couple went to New Marais only to find themselves in the middle of A zombie invasion, to which Lucy took as too much to handle in such a short amount of time.A month later, she gave birth to twins, Trish MacGrath(named after Trish Dailey) and Lucas MacGrath. While going out for a movie, Nix sped up her children's age to about 4 years old, as she saw the kids were causing a little stress on them. After that, a new Clone of Bertrand arrived in New Marais with an army of Clone Militia attacking the city. After about a month, Cole, Zeke and Laroche(Zeke and Cole were Templete Clones) with an army of Templete Rebels, Cops and Reapers all-out attacked Bertrand and the Milita clones, defeated and killed the clone, Lucy found the clonning lab below the church, to which Cole destroyed. After this, Cole, Lucy and this kids went to a simple, family life in Empire City(while still living in New Marais in the summer)

A New EnemyEdit

After years of seeing Conduit haters arise, Lucy erased her and cole's name from the government database that she and Cole were ever Conduits after John White(who had been accidently revived) started a war against the World's Government(which had been formed in the United Nations) to which John killed the Vice President of the United States and the President of the World. Seeing the world being too dangerous, erased Lucas's memory, locked up his powers and sent him to live with Lucy's sister in San Diablo. On Lucas's 22nd birthday, his powers were re-activated. During this time, Cole went into a minor depression about having to send Lucas away, while Lucy and Zeke helped make Empire City and New Marais a safe haven for Conduits and Humans. After the third and final death of John White, Lucy's children de-aged to 10 before moving to Maysef to restart being a family enjoying peace in the world.