Michael Morgan
Michael Morgan
Vital statistics
Alias Monkey-Boy
Gender Male
Race Conduit
Affiliation None
Health Unknown
Level Unknown
Power {{{power}}}
Status Alive
Location Unknown
Voiced By Fred Tatasciore
Michael Morgan is a strange chimpanzee-like Conduit that appears in inFAMOUS: Anarchy in the side mission, Michael See, Michael Do.



  • Chimpanzee Physiology- Michaels body has been changed genetically thanks to his conduit gene being activated.
    • Enhanced Climbing- Michael able to climb like a chimpanzee almost effortlessly.
    • Enhanced Balance- Michael is able to move and stand still atop wires and branches effortlessly
    • Enhanced Strength- Michael was able to overpower several conduits on his own.
    • Enhanced Dexterity- Michael is incredibly nimble and graceful in his movements.
    • Enhanced Agility- Michael is extremely proficient at the art of parkour and can climb on almost any surface during most kinds of weather.


Michael is an intelligent and noble conduit who cherishes all life. It is said when he speaks, all are silent to listen. However, he came to be regarded as melancholy, evasive and even frightening. He rarely speaks, is slow to anger and can be ponderous and slow to act, but was revered by other conduits for his insight. When he does speak, his voice is said to have enraptured other conduits through its melody and the wisdom it conveys.


  • Michael Morgan is set to be voiced by Fred Tatasciore who is known to have voiced Beast on the Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon on Nickelodeon.