Prophetic is a story about The Beast before its arrival in New Marais.


I stared death in the face before a shadowy figure approached me. It was distinctly human-shaped. "Kessler." Kessler's appearance barely resembled his former self. His eyes were glowing red. His metal implants were rusty and glowing red. "Hello John. So nice to see you again." His breathing was ragged and his voice was hoarse. "Leave me alone Kessler. Agent Kuo and Doctor Wolfe depended on my intel. Now who knows what will happen? The Beast is coming and there is no preventing it's advent. You failed Kessler. I failed. Now everyone is going to die." Kessler pushed two of his mechanical fingers against my forehead. When he released me, I could see it. The Conduit Gene. "Its magnificent, is it not?" I looked Kessler dead in the eye. "What do you want me to do?" Kessler began to pace back and forth. "Go to them. Raise them and show no mercy on the others. The power of the Ray Sphere is yours to command. Destroy all who stand in your path." I backed away from him. "What are you saying?" Kessler stopped pacing. "In all my years, I have yet to meet a more powerful Conduit than you. It has to be you John. You are my vessel." I stumbled back in this wierd little world of nothingness. "You're not Kessler. You're the Beast!" The Beast laughed at me before finally subsiding. "I'm already inside you. You just have to let me out John. Let me out John. Let me out!" Then I blacked out.

The AdventEdit

I awoke in an explosion. I sensed several powerful Conduits nearby. One in particular seemed familiar somehow. I ignored it for a little while before it shot several rockets at me. I turned around and flung the statue in Archer Square at the source of the attack. I moved towards this threat. I rolled the statue away from Cole and Cole stood up before turning around. "The Beast." Cole took a few steps back before firing more rockets at me. "Kessler warned me about you! I'm not gonna let it happen!" I released a psychic wave and Cole flew into the air before using his static thrusters to hold himself steady. Then I held out his hand and summoned a black hole in his hand. Cole managed to avoid it and continued firing until he knocked part of my face off.