Classic Cole

Rex De Reyes(literly meaning King of Kings) in Spanish, is an evil Clone of Cole MacGrath, created in a lab in France.

Early lifeEdit

Rex was created in the cloning lab of the Clone of Bertrand, Rex was meant to kill Cole when he saw the chance. Later when Cole, Kuo, Nix and Zeke arrived in France, Rex briefly pondered several chances to kill Cole, but decided against them. Later after the death of his "father" the French Police Force invaded the remains of his "home", Rex in a blind rage killed them all. Years later, during the Assassin Incident, Rex moved into Empire City to try and kill Cole. Rex would then follow Cole around the globe while Cole was helping Ezio.


After settling down in Empire City, Rex discovered his body was deteriorating due to the accelerated age growth from years before, in his final act, turned what was left of his body into pure electricity, and killed Warren Helms while aiming for Cole.


Rex was made to appear in "InFAMOUS 2:Post Beast" but the chapters he appeared in were cut and was made merely a "Shadow".

His name "Rex De Reyes" literly means King of Kings.