Kyser (karas)

Kyser the Konduit


It has been 2 weeks after the Empire incident. At the docks, Kyser and Jason (the main characters from the Infamous/Karas Crossover) are facing eachother for the final battle between Karas and Konduit. The victor being yet determined. Jason makes the first move, striking his katana in reverse grip only for him to miss and allowing Kyser to make the huge blow. Young version of our old friend Kokytus (known as Dylan Reddick) was being a spectator for the fight and for 10 streight hours Kyser and Jason stroke blow for blow like a ginormous blizzard freezing the ocean and causing large gusts of wind. Jason's cause was great a justful but Kyser final strike proved fatal and Jason's quest to avenge Empire City went in vain. Kyser distracted Jason by causing a dummy shot and Kyser flew in his jet mode, he then switched back and sliced Jason's head off clean. The moment horrified Dylan(Kokytus) and stood watching as Jason fell from the sky towards below the docks. Kyser wasn't able to return to his human form (a casualty for absorbing Jason's Karas power) and flew away in his jet mode.

episode 1Edit

To be continued...


  • Kokytus' alternate identity and origin has been retconned for the events of the Konduit franchise.
  • Please keep of note that this was created by Rider Jones whose original account was Battlelord7. (That means RJ own the rights to the characters naming Jason, Kyser, and Kokytus).