The puff of smoke channeling through your lungs, lethal and absolutely foul to the teeth. What is worse? the claws of some godlike beast, capable of hiding beneath human flesh and memories, searching for a way out of his unique anatomy?

It's all the same, they are both cursed and blessed. One seeks to be a savior while one seeks to be a destroyer, blood spills every turn they make and they cannot escape it: it is their fate... and it is their fate to meet for only one may be triumphant, there can only be... one.

by Battlelord7

Chapter 1Edit

The boy slumbers on top of a subway train. How fun is it that one artist within the alley ways has to scarf himself through the hours so he could survive. It merely comes with being a hero.

At this point in time, all seemed quiet... too quiet. Like the ocean waves moving and turning because the wind blows itself at it non-stop. It is so surprising that none had mind the silence, even after so much of the past where the silence was bad. Maybe they feel so secure because of this D.U.P. but is it really worth it? to be stripped from your freedom or else die by the bullet?

Delsin's power has yet to develop to it's full potential, and he cares less at this point with headaches biting into his mind; like a chainsaw, pain grew ever more everyday.

He finally awoke...

Disoriented from the resting. Delsin sensed the powers of other conduits as he slept. Like the functions of a "cerebro-like" supercomputer, he saw every conduit through space and time itself... as well beyond this dimension.

I don't believe that he knew what they were but he assumed the term "mutant" was the right word. There was something more complicated than simple science surrounding them though, like a spiritual aura but deeper; more connected to the universe than what was foreseen.

Perhaps he has been given a sample of some nearbie power than one conduit had. To be entouch with the universe was something that Delsin could never do.

Transforming into a ball of smoke, he could move faster now. Nobody can detect him in this form, only he can detect.

Exiting the subway station, he noticed full attention of the conduit's power. The level of it was big, making the Beast look like just a fly yet the user seemed unnoticed by the powers itself. She maybe dangerous.

A woman... or a girl. She was younger than Delsin yet she was taller, by a few inches atleast. Her size made the most of his worries.