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Trish Dailey MacGrath is a female Conduit. She is daughter of Cole MacGrath and Lucy MacGrath. She was born months after a traumatising experience with Zombies at New Marais. Trish's power over water, ice and electricity started Cole, Her twin brother and her mother.

Early LifeEdit

Trish was born in Empire City to Lucy Kuo MacGrath and Cole MacGrath in 2016 only a month after A Zombie outbreak in New Marais. Two weeks after her birth(alongside his twin sister Lucas), Trish's aunt Nix used the Dunbar Watch to accelerate their ages to about 4 years of age. A month afterwords, Cole started training Lucas and Trish for any fights they may have. Taking a "vacation" to New Marais, Lucas and Trish found themselves in the middle of a war happening between "The Rebls" and the "Clones" of a Clone Bertrand.

Life after Lucas leftEdit

After seeing that the world was changing, her parents erased Lucas's memory, locked his powers and sent him to live with Lucy's aunt in San Diablo until Lucas's powers were reactivated on their 22nd birthday. During this time, Trish had been living in New Marais as its mayor. After having a family reunion and assisting in killing John White for the final time, Trish and Lucas reverted back to being 10, to restart having a family with Cole and Lucy, to enjoy world wide peace for the first time since before the Crusades.