Yamato Ayabe
Yamato Ayabe
Yamato Ayabe
Vital statistics
Alias "Brother"
Gender Male
Race Conduit
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Health Currently Unknown
Level Unknown
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Status Deceased
Location San Diablo
Voiced By Ron Banks
Yamato Ayabe is a conduit who appears in inFAMOUS: Anarchy as the final villain who is revealed to be the one who actually killed Jacob Weebs' wife. He had actually captured his daughter and held her hostage to lure her father to him.


Early LifeEdit


Yamato is ruthless and hungry for power and control. He murdered his own mother for the power to control the Reapers. Yamato had also callously murdered Jacob Weebs' wife, Shelby, to deal a final blow to Jacob, showing a somewhat sadistic side to his personality.


Necrokinesis- Yamato is able to reanimate and control the dead. As such he is able to create "zombies" to attack his enemies.


  • Yamato is voiced by Ron Banks who has voiced the sorcerer, Quan Chi of the Mortal Kombat franchise on two occasions. Once in Mortal Kombat vs. DC and once in Mortal Kombat 2011.